Feb 17, 2017

Blog Tour: Jonah by @styclar {Review}

Jonah by Nikki Kelly
(The Styclar Saga, #3)
Release Date: February 7, 2017
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends; 352 pages
The conclusion of the Styclar Saga trilogy focuses on Jonah, the vampire badboy with a hunger for Lailah and a rivalry with the angel Gabriel.

Jonah is the vampire who saved Lailah from the appetites of even darker evil: the vampire Purebloods. Now he must decide whether he will give up his existence so that Lailah will survive—even if it means that she will spend eternity with his friend and rival, the angel Gabriel.

This stunning conclusion to the Styclar Saga will have fans deciding once and for all: Team Jonah or Team Gabriel?

If you have NOT read Lailah or Gabriel please read with caution. There may be some spoilers that were unavoidable. Proceed with caution . . .

I’m going to be honest – it took awhile for me to remember what happened in the second book, Gabriel. I just remember Gabriel being extremely overprotective; to the point where it annoyed me (an avid Gab fan). To the point, in fact, it pushed me to the other team. When things finally started coming back to me, I felt like I was enjoying the book a lot more.

We got to see more in depth in to some secondary relationships and see them grow to something beautiful. We also got to watch Lailah’s relationship grow with those closest to her; we got to see her relationship with herself grow, too.

I love the characters in this book, it’s one thing that’s been strong through the whole series. Whether it was our main characters, Gabriel, Lailah & Jonah or the supporting characters like Frugal, Brooke, Iona, etc. I’ve enjoyed the way each of them played a role in this story and seeing their growth’s, as well. As a character driven reader, it’s something I truly appreciate.

However, I can’t say I loved this book. There was one aspect of the book that just threw me. I understand how and why it happened by the end of the book but during the book, when it was occurring, I thought it was stupid. Also, the ending. I very much did not like the ending. *highlight to view spoilers* And it’s not because she died. I was okay with her dying and I’m okay with endings like that. I get not every story has a happy ending. But the way it happened was just so . . . ugh. She survived all of it only to be taken out by Darwin because she’s the one who killed his brother. I knew that was going to come back in to play somewhere in the story but I had no idea that was how! Like, you go through ALL OF THAT just to have that happen? Like, really?! If you’re gonna kill off the main character, at least have her doing so while taking out the bad guy. I think that’s what bothered me most. And that Jonah sacrificed himself, as well. So not only did she die, but he did with her? And it was weird…I’m still not sure I fully understand the end. I read it a couple times, too. *end spoilers*

I would recommend the series, though. It was enjoyable.

And as a note, regarding the ending, my unhappiness with it has nothing to do with teams. I would say, for Lailah and the first half of Gabriel, I was totally on his side but then things changed. The second half of the series, I was all for Jonah. I like them both, as characters - so it has zero to do with my preference. With the title Jonah, you kind of know what to expect, right?

Thank you to Macmillan and Irish Banana Book Tours for allowing me the opportunity to participate on this tour.

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