Jan 13, 2016

Dark Secret by @msescamilla {Review}

Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla
(Dark Spell Series, #1)
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing; 198 pages

Emma Blackwood’s life is the epitome of ordinary—but that’s all about to change…

She left her dull hometown for college in the city, though now that college is over, Emma has fallen back into the same old routine. But when she meets a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger during a night on the town, the world as she knows it tips off its axis. One touch of his hand awakens something inside her, and Emma immediately knows her life will never be normal again.

Nothing about Micah Oliver’s world has ever been mundane…

A warlock raised by a powerful witch, Micah has the ability to sense others like him. Meeting beautiful, brunette Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone who would truly understand his way of life. But as he helps her to understand and control her growing magical powers, he’s torn between his attraction to her and the other job he’s expected to do.

Emma doesn’t know her history or her future, and Micah has the answers—but some of
them could be deadly.

Emma must master her powers if she hopes to survive, because Micah is hiding a…

Dark Secret

So, I am not sure many of your know, but I work for a few publishers and make book covers (my full time job). I happened to do this cover for Dark Secret, and I received a copy from the author as many authors send me copies to thank me for making the cover. So when Michelle sent this to me, I just knew I had to read it. Not because I designed the cover, but knowing that when I was designing it that this was a book and was definitely up my alley, I was so excited to have my own copy to read.

From page 1 of Dark Secret, I was hooked! We are introduced to Emma and her best friend Kyle. I love their relationship so much, and I wish I could have this kind of relationship in my life. Their dynamic is so addictive and you just want to read more about them. Dark Secret starts out with Emma, a normal college student starting to discover weird things happening to her, and when a mysterious guy shows up, it doesn't take long for her life to go from boring to fast paced and crazy.

Emma is so attracted to this new dark stranger, and she feels confused about how fast and strong her feelings are but goes with it. There seems to be something about Micha that she can't figure out, and it is starting to get scary for her. Micha has secrets to her past and future but isn't honest with everything, making the story start to get very intense. This story is a fast based adventure ride. If you love YA/NA Paranormal, this book is the book for you.

If you do not like cliffhangers, do not read this book without book 2!! :)

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