Dec 23, 2015

Top 10 of 2015 {Day 3} Best Couples

The Top 10 of the year is back & I couldn't be more excited. It’s hosted by Rachel from Fiktshun, Jamie from Two Chicks on Books, Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, and Nancy from Tales of the Ravenous Reader.

I really wanted to do best characters of 2015 but it wasn't on the list so I'm goig to go with couples (which I think I did last year but let's face it, there are too many amazing couples). You may see the same book on this list more than once but it's because it was filled with many fantastic couples (I'm looking at you, Winter and Six of Crows . . .)

Again, in no particular order . . .

Cress and Thorne from Winter by Marissa Meyer

Stars above do I love me some Captain Thorne. Captain is King, afterall. But it's not just my love for Thorne, it's my love for these two, as they work out their feelings for one another in this book. I wanted to pull my hair out sometimes but when it worked, it really worked. To the point of where I may have laughed outloud, clapping my hands wildly like a mad woman.

Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I bet you weren't expecting this couple from this book but there it is. I love Matthias and I love him with Nina. The love/hate relationship and struggles are real and pure and emotional. When you try to fight all that you know all because of how a girl makes you feel. So many feels.

Leah and Jefferson from Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

Technically, they aren't a couple but you know what? I don't care. It's got to happen and there's feelings there and I'm going with it. This is my list so you can't tell me what to do ;) But I love the relationship these two have. I love how real it is and how it's portrayed. Beautiful.

Winter and Jacin from Winter by Marissa Meyer

I like how Jacin is very protective of Winter; it reminds me of Wolf with Scarlet. But it's not just how he's protective of her but how deep his love for her really goes. He's hard to admit to it but it's totally there and it's very easy to see. Winter is so pure and humble and relys heavily on Jacin; his protectiveness but also his companionship. These two made me swoon in the most subtle ways.

Adelina and Magiano from The Rose Soceity by Marie Lu

I didn't think I'd like this pairing or the idea of this pairing because of my feelings for Enzo but I'm surprised. I like him a lot more than Enzo and I so wish for Adelina to be happy with Magiano. I want that more than anything.

Lia and Rafe from The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

Again, it should be no surprise to see these two on the list. I love them so much. As individual's and as a couple. They may go down as one of my favorite book couples. Ever.

Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Again, technically not a relationship but these two - how can they not make the list. Inej is his girl and she loves him. There are just things standing in their way and who knows if they'll overcome them or not but their chemistry is undeniable.

Emmy and Oliver from Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

These two are so precious. The situation they were in and the feelings that were always there, even from such a young age. It was absolutely stunning to watch them reconnect. It made my heart soar.

Skylar and Josh from I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

This book was so fantastic and dynamic between these two was strong. They're both going through their individual struggles but coming together, it makes things easier. Most of the time. They really do lean on each other and help make the other stronger. It's what every person aims for in a relationship. Someone who not only has your best interests at heart but helps you grow.

Kady and Ezra from Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

These two are hilarious. There's history there and that saying appears to be true. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Now, granted, I'm not done this book so I have no idea if there will be a happily ever after but I love what I've seen so far. Their conversations are hilarious, sweet and filled with so much love. I'm dying for them to see one another again. Just dying.

Honorable mention

Cinder and Kai from Winter by Marissa Meyer

How could I not include the two that started it all? These two were end game and they are so great together. Both powerful leaders with kindness. Imagine these two ruling together. They would be unstoppable with the best group of friends behind them. There's nothing these two couldn't do if they set out to accomplish it. World domination, if that's what they wanted. 

Scarlet and Wolf from Winter by Marissa Meyer

I wanted to include all the couples from this amazing series on my list but I didn't want to take away opportunities from other fantastic couples. If I'm being honest, I think these two are my least favorite couple from this series which isn't a bad thing because the love I feel for all them is out of this world. If we were to talk about characters, Scarlet definitely would've been in my top 10. These two were made for one another and I get giddy just thinking about their future on her farm. A liter of little scarlet wolves roaming around their property. Oh, the cuteness. I die just thinking of it.

Who are you top book couples of 2015?!

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