Sep 29, 2014

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way...

So, I'm sure you've noticed but I've really been slacking on reading and reviewing books lately. I normally can push out at least 10 reviews a month, easily and this month I only have a few. It's depressing for me to see that and who knows, maybe it's sad for you, too? The problem is . . . sometimes, like just gets in the way.

Now, I don't really have a whole lot going on but it's enough to effect my amount of reading time which then effects my reviews because, let's face it, if I can't read the books, I can't write the reviews. I'm used to, normally, averaging between 2-3 books a week (sometimes more if I'm having a really good week). Now, I'm lucky if I get 1 book read a week. The only 'normal' week I've had in the past 3 months was when I was on vacation at the beach. I read through 3 books, all of which I haven't reviewed yet (they are Jet, Rome & Nash by Jay Crownover, if you're curious).

To add to the fact that I've been busier and when I do have the free time, I'm just so tired that I opt to sleep instead of read, my dad is having knee surgery and I have to help take care of him while he goes through the 3 month recovery. And I'm fine with that because I want him to get better and I'd like to think if something like this happened to me, him and my mom would help me out. As much as I aim to do better in October, I'm just afraid it's not going to happen.

Even though I may have been slacking on my reviewing lately, I haven't been slacking on attending book related events. I will never slack in that department, even if I ever stop blogging, I'll still be going because I love books, I love meeting authors and most importantly, I just love hanging out with my other book loving friends. Over the past month I've attending an event with Sarah J. Maas, Jodi Meadows and Leah Cypess (which, I'll have a signed ARC of Death Sworn to giveaway as soon as I write that review...); the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave in New York (which I'm working on a recap now); the Fierce Reads tour with Marie Rutkoski, Caragh M. O'Brien and Ann Aguirre and most recently, the Baltimore Book Festival with so many amazing authors. This coming Saturday, I'm hoping to get off work to attend Brigid Kemmerer's release event for Sacrifice and then I'm not sure what's to come in October. November I already have 4 book related events lined up.

So you see - where I might feel like a blogger failure lately, I don't feel like a book failure. I'm still supporting the authors whom I love, supporting my friends who put on fantastic events (like Chapter by Chapter) and I'm still reading, even if it's not a frequent as I want. I look at my goodreads reading challenge and you don't understand how depressing it is to see I'm 4 books behind AND I've already lowered my reading goal once this year. I don't want to lower it again but I can't imagine completing it in time. And I don't know about you but if I set a goal for myself, I feel like an absolutely failure if I don't complete it.

If you're a blogger, do ever get to this point where things in life just take up your free time and when you do have amounts of free time, reading isn't at the top of your to do list? Maybe I need some really good books to motivate me back in to read binging . . . any suggestions?

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