Sep 12, 2014

Blog Tour: Make It Right by @MeganErickson_

Make It Right by Megan Erickson
(Bowler University, #2)
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Publisher: Willima Morrow; 336 pages
Max Payton lives by two rules: Size and strength win any fight, and never show weakness.

When a rash of assaults sends Bowler University into a tailspin, Max volunteers to help teach a self-defense class. One of the other instructors is the beautiful, pixie-faced girl he keeps butting heads with ... and who challenges everything he thought he knew.

Lea Travers avoids guys like Max--cocky jocks who assume she's fragile because of a disability caused by a childhood accident. She likes to be in control, and something about being with Max makes her feel anything but. During the moments he lets his guard down, Lea sees a soul as broken inside as she is outside. Trusting him is a whole other problem ...

When the attacks ramp up and hit close to home, Lea and Max must learn, before it's too late, that true strength can come from vulnerability ... and giving in to trust is sometimes the only way to make things right.


For those of you who read my review of Make It Count are probably surprised I signed up for a blog tour of the second book, especially with it being a review tour, right? I was generous in giving it three stars because I almost DNFed it but Alec was the reason I kept going. I took a bit of a gamble reading this book but I had hope because it was a book about Max (who I loved, even though he was an asshole) and Lea, who I hardly knew but was eager to know more about. I am so so SO glad I took that gamble and read this because I freaking LOVED this book. There was more of a story here, more connection between the two main characters (in my opinion) and hardly a dull moment.

Max, oh my Max, how I love thee. If you ever root for any fictional character to turn themselves around, root for this guy because he deserves it. He was a shitty boyfriend to Kat, let's be honest, he really was and a pretty shitty friend to Alec. How he can look at himself in the mirror and try to put these issues behind him is beyond me because I'd be a wreck. But this guy, let me tell you, THIS GUY is so much stronger and so much more complex than you ever thought BUT he's such a freaking gentleman. Never, ever thought I'd say that but he really is. Underneath it all, he's the guy you want by your side for the rest of your life.

Lea, she's damaged, we know this but we don't know how deep that damage runs. The scars on her leg we can see but the scars underneath, we can't. She has trust issues and rightfully so. She's had a rough childhood ever since a horrific accident destroyed her leg. Not only does she have scars to prove it but she's got a limp and a ton of pain to go along with it. However, while an accident like this may knock someone down and make them depressed, she's the opposite. Not saying she never had her issues but she's realized things are the way they are and there's nothing you can do about it so embrace it and move on. Honestly, I'm bowing down to her mentality because that is so much harder to do than it sounds. Embracing something horrible and letting it go are two extremely difficult things to do.

These two together? It's freaking MAGIC. I am not even kidding you. They get each other on a level not many people do. It runs so much deeper than the physical attraction that is clearly there. You know how they say there is at least one person out there made for you the problem is finding that person? These two are the lucky ones. These two we MADE for each other and when you put two people like that together, it's just beautiful and surreal.

I'm going to be honest, I could care less about the scenes that had Kat in them. She's a big reason I didn't like the first book and I could've done without her in this book. I know that's asking a lot but those were probably some of the scenes I disliked the most.

The issues these two character overcome, together and individually, along with the troubles they run in to now were done perfectly. This book, I can't even express how much more I loved this book and how freaking happy I am that I read this. That I gave this series that second chance. This book totally did Make It Right with Bowler University for me.

Thank you so much to William Morrow/Harper Collins for allowing me the chance to review this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to Good Choice Reading for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour.


About Megan

Megan Erickson grew up in a family that averages 5’5” on a good day and started writing to create characters who could reach the top kitchen shelf.

She’s got a couple of tattoos, has a thing for gladiators and has been called a crazy cat lady. After working as a journalist for years, she decided she liked creating her own endings better and switched back to fiction.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. And no, she still can’t reach the stupid top shelf.



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  1. I really enjoyed this book. More than the first, actually. I just liked the characters better. And Max was not at all what I thought he would be! Great review!


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