Sep 15, 2014

Author Spotlight M.R. Polish

I am so excited to feature super awesome author, M.R. Polish this month for our Author Spotlight. Her Wolf Spell series is amazing, as well as her Ageless Sea Series and her final book in this series, Timeless Tides, has just come out and I seriously can't wait to read it.

M.R. Polish was born in Idaho, a long, long, long, maybe not that long time ago.... Writing has always been there for her. Growing up, her mind was filled with stories, some she shared and others she filed away to write down later in life. It wasn't until 2011 that she decided to publish her stories for everyone to enjoy. Her first award and when writing became more than just an idea was in the 5th grade. She won the scary story contest for the school newspaper. It is one story she still has tucked away for memories. Her teacher told her she could be anything she wanted and that she had a talant for writing, being creative and drawing people into her stories. M.R. took that to heart and continued to write, although mostly in secret until recent years.

Now you can find her enjoying life with her family - wrangling her four kids, setting traps in the house with toys for unsuspecting victims (aka, her husband) and writing down all her crazy and fun stories.

"Life is too short to stand by and watch everyone else live your dreams. The bigger the dream, the bigger the adventure!" ~ M.R. Polish

What is your favorite genre to write in? 

Yay we get to start with an easy question! I got this lol…. Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Do you like having different aliases to write? 

Hahaha. Well, yes and no. I LOVE being able to write in different genres, and having two names gives me that ability without making my readers and followers mad because they picked up a book in a genre they didn’t like.  BUT, it’s hard to keep up with two names lol.

Who would you love to co-write a book with? 

Well, I already co-write a series of books with my dad, that’s pretty special so I don’t think I could top that.

What is your favorite post writing thing to do? 

Post writing thing?  There is such a thing as post writing? Ummmmm sleep. Yeah I think if I ever stop writing I’d want to sleep hehehehe.

What do you do when new book ideas come to you?

Write it down, then I hash the ideas out with Bonnie Paulson (who is not only my BFF, but also a fricken toe fantastic author, AND she’s my writing partner so she’s the first person to tell me when my stuff is sucking lol) and I also hash the ideas out with my mom. Between the two, my ideas become life and I’m ready to go breath air into the story and start creating.

Which series that you have written, is your favorite?

Series? Well, I’d have to say… ummmmm…. Wolf Trilogy…  Wolf Spell, Wolf Dream, Wolf Fate  (the last one doesn’t come out till later this year though lol)

What, as an author, hope to accomplish with your writings? 

Now I see why you started with the easy questions hahaha…. Many sleepless nights! Ha! Really?  I want to create a place that is far from real life.  I want a place we can go and fall in love, have the hopes and desires we had as children become real.  When we were kids we could say we wanted to grow up and have magic and live in a castle as a queen… why not?  Why does becoming an adult, or a teenager  mean we have to stop using that part of our imagination?  I want to create characters that can fulfill that for us.  I don’t want real, everyday life.  I want things that don’t happen.  Things we dream of.

Dystopian or Sci-Fi?  Eww…. Um not a HUGE fan of either, I like sci-fi as long as there are no robots or aliens. 
YA or NA?    YA

Spring or Fall?   FALL

Tea or Coffee?   TEA

Doctor #9 or #10?   Ummm yeah… I don’t know, I haven’t watched enough episodes to keep up. I’m so busy writing! Okay, I like the Doctor I am still on which is the one who finds Rose… the one who had the creepiest episode EVER with the gas masks and kids? Yeah… I pick that one.

Zombies or Aliens?   You make this hard! Neither.

eBook or Physical book?  Physical

East Cost or West Coast?  West Coast

Group Signings or Individual Signings?  I like group because there is guaranteed laughter when you put authors together!

Thank you SO MUCH to M.R. for agreeing to let me interview her!! It was a privilege, so thank you!

One lucky reader (open internationally) will get the chance to win a ebook of Timless Tides. This giveaway is open until 11:59 PM EST on September 30 . The winner will have 48 hours to respond to their email before a new winner is selected. Good luck!!


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