Jul 10, 2014

Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton Review

Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton
(Mary Hades, #1)
Release Date: May 4, 2014
Publisher: Createspace; 286 pages

Not many seventeen year old girls have a best friend who’s a ghost, but then Mary Hades isn’t your average teenager.

Scarred physically and mentally from a fire, her parents decide a holiday to an idyllic village in North Yorkshire will help her recover. Nestled in the middle of five moors, Mary expects to have a boring week stuck in a caravan with her parents. Little does she know, evil lurks in the campsite…

Seth Lockwood—a local fairground worker with a dark secret—might be the key to uncovering the murky history that has blighted Nettleby. But Mary is drawn to him in a way that has her questioning her judgement.

Helped by her dead best friend and a quirky gay Goth couple, Mary must stop the unusual deaths occurring in Nettleby. But can she prevent her heart from being broken?

I had decided to read My Daylight Monsters after I have finished The Blemished series by Sarah Dalton. I just fell in love with her writing style and her story telling that I just wanted more of Sarah! And once I read My Daylight Monsters, I fell in love with the main character, Mary Hades. In the novella, which in my opinion could have been a novel, we meet Mary Hades, a girl who sees things a normal girl shouldn't and is then sent to a psychiatric hospital, where things turn even stranger.

Mary Hades takes off right where My Daylight Monsters leaves off. I feel Sarah must have realized the popularity of Mary, because this is now become a whole series, and if this first book is anything to judge the series by, we are in for a wild ride.

Without spoiling anything for readers who haven't read this series, as I said it takes off right where the story left us and dives into more of Mary's life and demons and you really get to know her even more, and how the experiences she has faced have changed her. This story was creepy and entertaining just like the first book, and it really had my on the edge of my seat the whole time. I found myself making a lot of comments throughout this book, you become very engaged in this story.

I was slightly disappointed with some aspects int he end, again, don't want to spoil anything. However, for Mary, I think that was the best way for things to turn out, but I always want everything to go a certain way. That's all I will say. Amazing book, cannot wait for the next!!!

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  1. Hmmm, this sounds like a creepy read, with ghosts and mysteries... I think I'll be checking it out!
    Thanks for the spoiler free review!!


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