Jul 31, 2014

Blog Tour Rebellion by J.D. Netto Review, Spotlight and Giveaway

Rebellion by J.D. Netto
(The Whispers of the Fallen, #2)
Release Date: May 30, 2014
Publisher: Untreed Reads; 320 pages

Smoke rises from the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Forgotten secrets have been revealed. In the darkness of the world, Lucifer’s army grows.

The quest of the book-bearers grows even more perilous when Isaac and his companions discover that ancient enemies have risen from the Heart of Elysium, seeking to snatch the Book of Letters from their hands. The Nephilins are now aided by Xavier, one of the Fallen Rulers. Villages have been brought to the ground by armies of Shadows. Creatures from the Abyss now lurk in the mountains and forests, longing to kill whoever crosses their path.

Isaac and his companions must find courage to overcome their fears as they continue their journey throughout Elysium.

I remember reading book 1 from this series, and being blown away by the writing style of J.D. Netto. He has a way of writing that transports you to a different world, which is exactly where these books take place. I cannot express how much I love his writing style, because it is actually hard for me to describe, lol. But in the best way possible. He is very articulate with his words and usage that it puts my review writing to shame. The words he uses to describe the story and emotions the characters feel, it really just gives you the feeling that you are in this world he has created. Just brilliant!

Rebellion takes off right where The Whispers of the Fallen left off, but I do have to admit, I had read many book in between and I could not remember the character Nathan. Still can't. I need to go back to the first book to refresh my memory, but that's just my little mental note. It was very easy (Aside for that one character for me) to just start reading and know what exactly is going on again, and very easy to fall back into the story.

These books are not for people who are in love with happy endings. Not saying that there is no happy ending, and only being the second book in the series, it's obviously not done. But it isn't for the faint of heart. There are real and devastating things that happen. Lots of death, but with the mission these characters are on, it wouldn't be much of a story if it was all happiness and butterflies. Isaac and the book bearers deal with some sad/heavy/crazy stuff and their faith is tested. This is a great book to show you how faith can really save you.

I couldn't put this one down, it was a great second book for this series and the way that it ended, really gets me excited for the next!!

Darkness—that was all I could see. I looked down, trying to catch a glimpse of my feet as they trampled upon the unseen ground.
An invisible force pulled me while I listened to the sound of many voices. It was bitter cold; my fingertips grew numb with every step I took. It was quiet here—too quiet. My heartbeat sounded like drums softly played by weak hands.
Something lay in the darkness ahead of me. My eyes squinted in an attempt to better visualize the unrecognizable. My breathing failed once I realized it was her—it was Nephele.
Emotions stirred within me; rage shadowed my mind as I approached her body.
She attempted to stand to her feet, feebly moving her arms. It was apparent that an invisible power pinned her down. My wings made their way out of my back as rage continued to take over. I grasped my sword, marching in her direction.
I knelt next to her. Our eyes met.
Without hesitating, I pierced her left hand; blood flowed like a waterfall. Her body trembled as she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came forth.
You deserve to die, I thought, standing back on my feet. The memories of all the pain she had caused me played over in my head. I placed my right foot on her skull, pressing it against the ground.
I sank my sword into her chest. I was clueless of my whereabouts, but happy to know that my mortal enemy lay here, defenseless.
The sound of her slowing heartbeat invaded my ears. I lifted my foot from her head, kneeling next to her once again.
“You see,” I whispered in her ear. “Even with all of your dark powers, Nephele, in the end, you will never win.”


“There is a price to be paid if one chooses to carry the magic of dragons,” said Sathees with a serious tone. “I do not owe you an explanation, young one. You must trust me.”
There was anger in Xylia’s eyes.
A low rumble came from behind Sathees. He bowed his head, shutting his eyes.
I watched in disbelief as a short gray-stone well emerged from the ground behind him. Its rocks were covered in mold, foliage, and branches.
“How did that just appear?” I shot Sathees a confused stare. “What is that well?”
Sathees opened his eyes. “Our way to the dragons, of course.” He turned his back to us. Without any trace of fear, he climbed atop the well, standing on its edge. “This is how we will get to the tamers.” He took one step toward the nothingness that stood between him and the mouth of the well. I tried to grab ahold of him as his body fell inside but I missed his hand.
“Is he mad?” Xylia ran to the well. “Does he expect us to follow him? We could die.”
The darkness of the well was intimating.
“What other choice do we have?” Nathan lowered his eyes, gazing at the blackness of the well. “We cannot just linger here in this storm.”
As the words drifted from his mouth, the rumbling noise resounded once again. I looked behind me to see the hill rising from the dirt.
Xylia took a deep breath, climbing on top of the well.
“Since we have no other option.” She looked over her shoulder, setting her gaze on me. “I will see you on the other side, boys.” She lowered her head and jumped.


I was about to head out the door when a chill shot up my leg. There was a cold grasp around my ankle that pulled my body. I thudded to the floor. My eyes darted over my shoulder and saw a black shadow shaped like a man. My heart skipped a beat as I caught sight of its skeletal hands tightened around my left ankle.
I tried to land a kick on the creature, but my feet sank under its shadow. With great strength, it lifted me off the ground and cast my body against the roof. A sharp pain spread through my back. Ballard, Demetre, and Petra flocked into the room.
The grotesque being released a growl once it saw them. I managed to stand to my feet as fast as I could.
“What in the name of Elysium is that?” Ballard unsheathed his sword.
I limped my way to my companions, feeling a sharp pain in my chest. I watched as both of the creature’s skeletal hands turned into arms, each equipped with four-fingered hands. At the tip of each finger was a sharp, curved claw. The creature’s bones slithered beneath its brown skin while its body took a shape similar to that of a dragon. Its elongated skull had a thin snout. Wings appeared on its back, expanding to almost twice the size of the creature’s thin tail.
The creature lowered its head, growling as it crawled to its left. Its golden eyes trailed across the room. The pain in my leg worsened as I watched it raise its body. It let out a loud roar. 

About the Author-
J.D.Netto (Jorge de Oliveira Netto) is brazilian-born. Raised in Framingham, MA, J.D.Netto always had an eye for epic fantasy and story-telling. At an early age, he had the habit of locking himself in his room, turning on any soundtrack he could find, and there he would write for hours.During his senior year in High School, J.D.Netto had an idea that changed his life, 'What if Lucifer had a Diary? What if the Diary was a secret? What if the secret was a reality?' These simple questions led him to write for six consecutive years, researching, perfecting his craft, and creating the world of Elysium. All the promotional visuals for the series were designed by J.D.Netto, proving that he is not only a writer, but an innovative visual designer.

He was born in a really small town in Brazil and relocated to the U.S.A. at the age of 11.
J.D. grew up in Framingham, MA.
He plays keyboard and is also a songwriter.
He can wiggle his ears.
Started drawing at the age of three.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: jdnetto | YouTube  

For a chance at a first edition copy of the first book in the series, go to Instagram and follow JDNetto. Send him a direct message on Instagram to enter. 

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