Jun 23, 2014

Blog Tour: The Vast and Brutal Sea by Zoraida Córdova + Giveaway

The Vast and Brutal Sea by Zoraida Córdova
(The Vicious Deep, #3)
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire; 336 pages
This epic clash of sand and sea will pit brother against brother-and there can only be one winner

In two days, the race for the Sea Court throne will be over-but all the rules have changed. The sea witch, Nieve, has kidnapped Layla and is raising an army of mutant sea creatures to overthrow the crown. Kurt, the one person Tristan could depend on in the battle for the Sea King's throne, has betrayed him. Now Kurt wants the throne for himself. Tristan has the Scepter of the Earth, but it's not enough. He'll have to travel to the mysterious, lost Isle of Tears and unleash the magic that first created the king's powerful scepter. It's a brutal race to the finish, and there can only be one winner.

If you have NOT read The Vicious Deep or The Savage Blue, please read with caution. There are some spoilers that were unavoidable. Proceed with caution . . . 

We'll talk about the cover(s) first. This series has one of the most beautiful set of covers I have seen. They a bright, they are perfect and they do not have a person on the cover. Let's be honest, people on the cover is overdone so it's nice to see something different. But I am so in love with these covers. You can see all three of them below.

Another series that is coming to an end. I know, all good things must end but I wish this saying weren't true because I love these characters, I love this world and I especially love the voice of Tristan Hart. I have said it in every review I've written for this series and I'll say it again, Zoraida is spot on with Tristan. He sounds like a teenage boy, he acts like a teenage boy and honestly, he reminds me exactly of this 18 year old guy that I work with. Writing the opposite sex is difficult (I know, because I used to write fan fic and roleplay Harry Potter and I just couldn't get the guys down) and there are few authors, in my opinion, that succeed brilliantly with it. This is one of those stories that is spot on and it makes me enjoy the books more because it's real.

I thought I would be upset about the fact that it's a good two thirds to three quarters of the way in until we see Layla again because, romance is a big thing for me but honestly, I wasn't missing it. I mean, I was but I felt like the story held it's own without it. I was just so invested in everything going on that this book held my attention from beginning to end.

There was one disappointed in this book but it's a minor one (and a bit of a spoiler). I feel like one minor disappointment is pretty dang good. *highlight to view spoiler* I felt like there wasn't enough death in the end. Which is weird, I mean, who wants characters to die? I don't but at the same time, with a series like this, you expect it, you know? I feel like not one of the good guys died. And I was expecting that kind of emotional turmoil but it never came. *end spoiler*

I am very happy with the ending of this trilogy and it doesn't leave me questioning anything or wondering what happened with so and so. I feel like it was tied together nicely with a purdy little bow on top. But like I said, I'm sad it's over.

Thank you so much to Sourcebooks for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Also for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour. Check back next month where I'll be asking Zoraida a few questions about the series!

Zoraida Córdova was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she learned to speak English by watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on repeat. Her favorite things are sparkly like merdudes, Christmas, and New York City at night.

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  1. I have not yet read this trilogy but now I want to!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoy :)


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