May 29, 2014

Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren Review

Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren
(Beautiful Bastard #3.5)
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books; 200 pages
One beautiful bastard of a groom. The most beautiful bitch of a bride. A panty-ripping office hook-up turned true love everlasting.

Wedding bells can't chime soon enough for Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan. Chloe, exasperated and stressed by all the last-minute to-dos, is on the verge of saying "I do" to eloping. For his part, Bennett's so worried about being distracted by Chloe's body that he makes a no-sex-until-the-wedding-night rule that only seems to be making things worse by continually backfiring on him. As their crazy families descend for the big day- only a few of them actually trying to be helpful- the fiery lovers are about to test whether the couple that argues together can keep it together long enough to exchange rings, and not just heated words.

Warning this is an adult book with adult themes.  This series is not recommended for anyone under the age of eighteen.

I've had the same nine to five job for almost 10 years now.  I've seen many people come and go, while at the same time I've seen some of the same people for years.  I've seen the growth of their children, and it amazes me to see them grow up and mature.  I feel the same about Chloe and Bennett.  As I mentioned before I first read Beautiful Bastard online years ago.  So I've been with Chloe and Bennett for a really long time.  To read their wedding was seriously momentous for me.  I love their story so much.  I love how this series branched out and introduced readers to other amazing characters and love stories.

The previous books teased the wedding and readers got a brief glimpse of the wedding preparations through the eyes of Max and Sara and Hanna and Will.  But it's been awhile since we've really heard Chloe and Bennett's voices.  I didn't realize how much I actually missed them.  I love this couple that loves to hate each other.  I flush at how their arguments lead to explosive sex.  And I love how one minute I am reading a steamy scene and the next I am laughing so hard at Bennett pranking Will.

Beautiful Beginning features classic Chloe and Bennett.  For anyone who has missed the panty ripping and intense arguments between the two, it's back with full force!  The book is entertainment from start to finish.  And I admit that I read the wedding rehearsal scene four times.  Yes, FOUR TIMES!  I don't think I laughed so much while reading in a long time.  And the actual wedding.  My gosh would you believe that I teared up?  I was so emotional while reading.

I am so glad that the Beautiful series is continuing.  While, Chloe and Bennett's story is over.  And even though we will be introduced to some new characters in Beautiful Secret, I want to see Sara and Max's baby!  I squealed when it was revealed that Sara was pregnant in Beautiful Player.  These books are so good.  They are just the perfect escape from everyday life.  They're filled with great friends and great romance.  I can't wait for it to continue!

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  1. I've yet to read the series, but I've seen it around, and I'm very, very tempted! Great review!


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