Apr 15, 2014

Love You to Death by Melissa March Review

Love You to Death by Melissa March
Release Date: March 26, 2014
Publisher: Fire and Ice Young Adult Books; 243 pages
Seventeen year-old Arden Elliot is alone, barely surviving life on the streets. All she wants is a place to call home, somewhere she can be safe.

After meeting Det. Cass Bateman, surviving is exactly what she will need to do. He dominates her world, steals her spirit and breaks her body. All in the name of love. She knows if she stays, one day he will love her to death.

On the run she meets Gideon, a Kentucky cowboy. She tries to resist the power of her heart, knowing she doesn't have the luxury of falling in love, but just when she thinks her life is finally secure, her past comes calling. Now she will have to decide whether to confess everything to her new family or leave them safely behind to run again.

I received this book from the author for an honest review!

Once I read the blurb for this book, I knew it was something I would love to get lost in. Such a strong story of survival and love and the many different obstacles one must overcome in life.

I was not disappointed. We start off in the book with the main character, Arden a.k.a Cherry. We go through how she came to be where she is, and what she needs to do now to survive life. Her life isn't a fairy tale and she meets some horrible people right away who end up changing her life more then she'll ever realize. Cherry has befriended a mentally challenged homeless kid, and feels responsible for him and doesn't all she can to take care of him. When she sees that he is being abused by some bullies, she does what any normal person would, she sticks up for him and meets Cass. Her life forever changes after that.

I don't wanna get too much into what happens with Cass, for I don't want to ruin anything, but the turns Arden's life takes is a sad and scary road and she has to do some scary things to save not only herself but her dear friend. On the run, the pair run into Gideon and his brother. Again their lives take another turn, but a turn for the better.

Her new life is one she never expected and they are not pushy about her past, but it'll soon come to haunt all of them, when her past, aka. Cass comes to claim what is his! What an amazing, wonderful story! I kept thinking about this book when I was reading it. I kept wondering what was gonna happen next!! Great amazing story!!

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