Apr 30, 2014

Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper Review

Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Teen; 250 pages

Donna Pierce might hear voices, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. Probably.

The voices do serve their purpose, though—whenever Donna hears them, she knows she’s in danger. So when they start yelling at the top of their proverbial lungs, it’s no surprise she and her best friend, Deke, end up narrowly escaping a zombie horde. Alone without their families, they take refuge at their high school with the super-helpful nerds, the bossy class president, and—best of all?—Liam, hottie extraordinaire and Donna’s long-time crush. When Liam is around, it’s easy to forget about the moaning zombies, her dad’s plight to reach them, and how weird Deke is suddenly acting toward her.

But as the teens’ numbers dwindle and their escape plans fall apart, Donna has to listen to the secrets those voices in her head have been hiding. It seems not all the zombies are shuffling idiots, and the half-undead aren’t really down with kids like Donna…

This book was really cute. I never thought I could say that about a zombie book but there you have it. It was cute, fun and really, a very enjoyable read. Again, not what you'd be expecting from a zombie book but it is what it is.

This book was laced with humor, action, romance and zombies. Not terrifying zombies. Actually, on occasions, amusing zombies.

*highlight to view spoiler* This is one of those books where I was so happy to see the best friend not pushed to the side, but actually won out. It seems like 95% of YA books, when a best friend is in love with the protagonist, they always get pushed to the side for the 'hottie' and I was so afraid it would happen again. I love Deke, seriously - if he were real (and I were younger), watch out; I'd be coming after him. So then when Liam was there, I was like well damn, there goes that. BUT NO! So, the fact that these two, who knew each other so well, ended up together in the end? YES! This alone almost made me want to give it five stars. Almost. *end spoiler*

There's a surprising twist in this book that I didn't really see coming but then again, I kind of did - I was just thinking I'd be wrong. So even though I suspected it, it still took me by surprise when it happened but then the surprises didn't stop there. In fact, the surprises kept coming after. When I thought it might be the end, something happens that gives me faith again only to be shattered by something else. It was brilliant in keeping the readers attention.

I have been trying to write this review for nearly two months now. While I really enjoyed this book, thought it was a lot of fun to read, I just can't find the words to describe it. And the words I do want to say and what I want to talk about, I can't because it's a spoiler. So basically, all I can say is that if you're looking for a light, fun book that will make you laugh and just . . . enjoy reading, you should definitely check this out. I do wish there was a tad more romance mixed in with the zombies (not literally with the zombies, unless that's your thing...) but it was there, at least.

Thank you so much to Entangled for allowing me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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