Feb 21, 2014

Release Day Party Even Hippies Get The Blues by Michel Lee King

Title: Even Hippies Get The Blues
Author: Michel Lee King
Official Release Date: February 21, 2014
202 Pages
Humorous Romance/Literary Humor
Target Audience: Adult Women, New Adult

“Sometimes peace can only come through chaos.”Amy thought she had it all together. Her goals were set and she was working toward them seamlessly while practicing her peace-loving philosophy.Her world of blissful ignorance crumbles when Travis, a blond paramedic with a body that can stop a truck, waltzes in to open her eyes... Just after Murphy, and his pesky law, paint a target on her back.How many times can a waitress be interrogated in one day? Just how much orange acrylic paint can get caught in dreads before an interview? How does one retain their composure while dripping paint nude in their living room and staring down a trespassing police officer?

What is your favorite genre to write in, as you have a few books in different genre's.

My favorite genre is actually fantasy. I have a bit of an obsession with werewolves and love to give them the starring role in their own worlds. The problem with that is the fact that I am actually a peaceable person and all that bloodlust and carnage is a bit overwhelming at times. So I write books like Even Hippies Get The Blues to provide a balance of light romance to the dark fantasy I love so much.
What book are you currently reading?
I am currently rereading Wrenching Fate by Brooklyn Ann. It released on Valentine’s Day and I helped critique it. She is a fabulous writer and I never get tired of her paranormal romances.
What is your favorite book?
I’m going to have to be difficult and say that my favorite is actually the Dragon Crown War Cycle trilogy by Michael Stackpole. It is such a well-crafted fantasy it gives me tingles every time I read it.
If, however, I must pick one individual book, it would be Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins. It is strange in the extreme, but quirky and hilarious. I read that one a few times a year.
Where did you get the idea of Even Hippies get the blues?
That one cropped up one day when I was daydreaming. I got the image of this woman who didn’t fit her surroundings and needed a change in order to become fully realized. In a lot of ways her struggles are based on my own desire for change. When I started writing this book, I was living in north Idaho and very much a liberal hippie chick. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly fit in with camo trucks and NRA fanatics. LOL
I follow you on twitter, I'm wondering, did writing this book inspire you to get dreadlocks?
Yes. I have always had long, straight, brown hair. Well, aside from the time I buzzed it all off and died it fire engine red, but I don’t like to mention that one and have destroyed all the pictures. LOL I wanted to see what it was like to have dreadlocks. How does it feel? What do you have to do? How do people treat you with a different hairstyle? It isn’t going all that well for me. My dreads keep falling out and won’t tighten. It ended up being a giant pain in the you-know-where. But, I do think they look great on other people and wish mine would finally cooperate.
Do you identify with your main character in Even Hippies Get The Blues, does that make it easier or harder to write?
I do. She is very different from me, but we both have a lot of the same values and visions of the future. In a lot of ways, she is an expression of me I wish I could live. Aside from the painting of course. I struggle with stick figures. It actually makes it harder to write because when I have to hurt her, I hurt right along too. It becomes intensely personal, but I know that if I am reacting that much, readers will likely love it. So, the pain is worth it in the end.
What do you prefer, paperback or eBook?
I love paperbacks! I really like the convenience of ebooks, but you can’t replace the smell and feel and experience of reading a paper book. I have quite a few bookshelves and hope to have a separate library someday. Maybe one with a secret passageway to my room behind it, just because they are awesome.
What is the best thing, to you, about being a self published author?
Control. I love the fact that the timeline of releases is entirely in my own hands. The creative process is mine to decide. I work with a fabulous cover artist. Oh my gosh! Seriously, massive shameless plug here, but s Ashley Byland from Redbird Designs (Step Into Fiction) is awesomeness incarnate. She puts the cover on the book that I have created and gotten edited and I release it on my own time in my own way. I think it would be a special kind of wonderful to have an assistant and publicist and all those other people who could help me on the things I’m not very good at, but I love having control over my own work. Maybe I’ll hire them before I put in my secret passageway. LOL
What are you currently working on?
Right now I am taking a trip back to dark fantasy for a new approach to Little Red Riding Hood. It will be the dark to Hippies’ light. I’m not too far into it yet, but I love how the story is unfolding. Red is one strong woman and the challenges she is facing are just as tough. I’m looking at a tentative July release for that one.
What makes you excited about the release of Even Hippies Get The Blues??
Honestly, I love this story so much I’m just glad it is out there. It is the first time I’ve attempted humorous writing, so I’m a bit nervous about how it will be received. But I love my character and think her story is one everyone can identify with on some level. We all find and lose ourselves along our journeys through life. Plans never seem to go the way we’ve envisioned them. And it helps to know you’re not alone in your struggles. That’s the true motive in this book. To show you, the reader, that you are not alone and that life does get better even when you are convinced it won’t.

Author Bio
Michel Lee King writes fiction that has a tendency to mix the light and dark elements of life and focusses primarily on the Literary Fiction and Fantasy genres.
Michel is a peace-, and fun-, loving person living in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington state. She is happily married, has one son, two dogs, and a cat. When not consuming copious amounts of coffee, she is writing, editing, or enjoying the outdoors with her family.

She can be found online through her website: www.MichelLeeKing.com, Twitter: @Michel_Lee_King, or on Facebook: King.Michel.Lee

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