Feb 19, 2014

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White Review

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White
Release Date: February 18, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen; 232 pages
Annie and Fia are ready to fight back.

The sisters have been manipulated and controlled by the Keane Foundation for years, trapped in a never ending battle for survival. Now they have found allies who can help them truly escape. After faking her own death, Annie has joined a group that is plotting to destroy the Foundation. And Fia is working with James Keane to bring his father down from the inside.

But Annie's visions of the future can't show her who to trust in the present. And though James is Fia's first love, Fia knows he's hiding something. The sisters can rely only on each other - but that may not be enough to save them.

There will be spoilers for the first book in this series Mind Games.  Proceed with caution if you do not wish to be spoiled!

The Mind Games series is a duology!  I repeat, Mind Games is a duology.  I am ashamed to admit that I did not know this while reading Perfect Lies.  As I was nearing the last 30 pages of Perfect Lies, I had noticed that it started to wind down.  Then once I got to the end, I set the book down and went, "Wait a minute.  Is this the ending?  Is there no more for this series?"  I immediately went to the internet, and found out that sure enough Perfect Lies is the final book and the series is a duology.  I immediately was a bit sad, because I love this series!  It's such a quick and fast read.  It's the perfect series to curl up with on a day off from work or school.

I am ashamed to admit that this is not the first time I have read the final book in a series and while reading not known that it was the last book.  Back in 2008, when I read the Twilight books, I had no clue that Breaking Dawn was the last book.  I believe I've mentioned before in reviews that I hate spoilers.  And since I didn't want to be spoiled, I didn't look anything up about the series.  I just ordered the four books that were available.  And when I got to the ending of Breaking Dawn, I had the same reaction as Perfect Lies.  This got me thinking.  I never realized it before, but you read the final book in a series differently.  You may not subconsciously realize it, but it's true.  You go into a different mind set.  And I am not so sure if that's a good or a bad thing.  I think while reading the last book in a series, you have expectations.  It's not that reading the last book isn't as enjoyable, but your feelings are also different.

The Mind Games duology is special to me.  Mostly because it focuses more of sibling bonds than romance.  At the end of Mind Games when Fia faked Annie's death.  It showed that these two sisters will do anything for one another.  The strength and courage that these girls show is just tremendous.  I often forget that Fia is just barely seventeen.  She's gone through so much.  I also remember while reading Mind Games that I was surprised that Annie was the older sister.  You see Annie's struggles with the role reversal.  How the little sister protects the older sister.  In Perfect Lies, you see Annie's growth and how she turns what some would consider a handicap to an advantage.  At the end of this book I was so proud of her.

Perfect Lies just like Mind Games reads from both Fia and Annie's point of views, but at different points in time.  In the first one, it's with flashbacks.  But with Perfect Lies both Fia and Annie are headed in the same direction, but Annie's story just begins a bit earlier.  I know that many were confused with the story telling process of Mind Games, but I personally wasn't.  But you can tell with Perfect Lies, it's a bit easier to follow along with.

As I said before romance takes a back burner in these books, but it's still there.  I've been a fan of James since the first book.  I feel like he's such an in between character.  I definitely got the feeling that he's a very, the ends justifies the means kind of person.  I don't really feel like he's good or evil.  James has a purpose and a goal.  Yes, he loves Fia.  And in return, Fia loves him.  But their love for each other can cloud their judgment, and it shows.

While I did enjoy the first book a little bit more than the second one.  Overall as a series, Mind Games is very enjoyable.  It was my first Kiersten White series, and I can't wait to read more of her work!

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