Feb 15, 2014

Author Spolight: Rachel Aukes

We are so excited to have Rachel Aukes be a part of our Author Spotlight here at Step Into Fiction. If you're scratching your head wondering who Rachel Aukes is (for shame), here are some of her books that are already published: Knightfall [2011], Collision [2012] & 100 Days in Deadland [2013]. She is currently working on her next book Deadlands Harvest (100 Days in Deadland, #2) which is due out this year with the this book in the series, Deadland Rising, in later 2014.

I write speculative fiction (science fiction, dark fantasy, horror) because I absolutely love asking, "what if..." (and killing people off). Under the pen name Berinn Rae, I write the same stuff, only with a romantic twist. Fortunately, unlike mental hospitals and online chat rooms, multiple personalities in the writing world is okay. 

Anyhoo, my life really isn't that entertaining. I could make shit up, but then that would be fiction, and you should buy one of my books for that. So, here's the real scoop on me: I was raised on a farm in Iowa where I [insert a pretentious grin here] boasted the small town’s largest (okay, and only) comic book collection. I still addicted to stories starring characters with kickassitude. I've did the college thing--both undergraduate (go Panthers!) and graduate (go Bulldogs!)--before going out into the "real" world and realizing that it's too much work and too little play. Alas, bills (and college loans) needed paid, so I joined the hordes of office zombies and made a career out of disentangling red tape and destroying TPS reports. Like I warned you, not very exciting. 

But, wait! That's not all. Since you've stayed with me this far, let me tell you some personal stuff... things that I love. I love flying airplanes (preferably, the old stuff) around the countryside. Nothing beats a sunset flight. I'm sure sunrise flights are just as good, but I've never been awake for one. I fly all around with my awesomely supportive husband (yup, love him!) and my incredibly spoiled sixty-pound lap dog (love her, too, even when she wants to go outside every five minutes while I'm deep into writing mode). What else do I love? I love to read, I love to write, and I love to hear from readers. Email me (Rachel at RachelAukes dot com).

(Back and forth Interview)

What made you decide to write a zombie apocalypse type book?

RA: I love zombie apocalypse books. There’s something magical about the duality of monsters that never stop and how far we’d go to survive. I had several ideas percolating in my head for a story, but it wasn’t until Dante’s “Inferno” popped into my brain that I knew my next book had to be a zombie apocalypse book. Braaaiiiins! 

Was this genre one you've always wanted to write in?

RA: Absolutely. Ever since Mad Max, I’ve been hooked on post-apocalyptic stories. When I began my writing journey, I craved to write a post-apocalyptic story, but it took me time (and experience) to work out the storyline so that it would feel real. 

How about you? From a reader’s perspective, what genre(s) call to your heart the most?

Ashley SIA: I have always been a lover of the zombie type stories, but anything paranormal or sci-fi, is right up my alley! 

What novel out there did you wish you could have wrote?

RA: There are amazing stories out there from I Am Legend to Ender's Game, but I've never wished I wrote them... I could never have written them in the unique, magical way each one was envisioned by its author. I'm hoping that some day, someone will say the same about a book I write. 

Do you miss writing your romance type novels?

RA: Ironically, the first books in each of my romance series started with only mild romantic elements. But, based on editor input and publisher direction, I built more romance in. Since I’ve chosen to self-publish the Deadland Saga, I have complete control over the storyline. So, right now I feel like I’m writing stories exactly how they feel like they need to be written, with a hint of romance. 

What stories do you prefer? Full-bore romance or a dash of romance or something in between?

Ashley SIA: I have to say I prefer romance with stuff in between, too much romance to me is too cheesy and not realistic. You want to read something that even if it is paranormal you feel that is a situation you yourself can be in, and oddly enough paranormal seems more real then some romances. 

Out of all your characters whose relationship do you love the most? 

RA: Cash and Clutch's (100 Days in Deadland) relationship is the most special to me. Their relationship evolves from putting up with each other to friendship to family to love. And the reader gets to see it evolve every step of the way as they grow and change. 

Ebook or paperback?

Cake or pie?
pie (oatmeal pie is my favorite)

Zombies or walkers?

Sci-fi or post apocalyptic?
post apocalyptic

Self Published or publishing house?
self published

Morning or night?

Writing or Reading?

Thank you SO MUCH to Rachel for taking the time to have a back and forth interview with me and just being bad-ass chick wit Kickassitude. We are so happy to have you here on the site!

We are happy to offer a copy of 100 Days in Deadland... ebook or paperback (winners choice). This giveaway is open to US and International residents (though non US winners who want paperback won't get a signed copy due to shipping expenses) and ends at 11:59 PM EST on February 28, 2014.

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  1. Thanks for having me!!!! I should add, that the winner can have their choice of ebook, paperback OR audiobook, too! The audiobook just came out!


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