Dec 8, 2013

The Pulse by Shoshanna Evers Review

The Pulse by Shoshanna Evers
(The Pulse Trilogy #1)
Release Date: November 25, 2013
Publisher: Pocket Star; 300 pages
It’s been one year since an electromagnetic pulse destroyed America’s infrastructure and took down the power grid, throwing the country into a new Dark Age. Emily Rosen lives in a military camp at Grand Central Station, where women act as the soldiers’ private harem, selling their bodies on the tracks for extra rations. Emily escapes Grand Central and goes on the run from the soldiers intent on killing her for the secret she’s discovered—America is rebuilding outside of New York City, and everything the city’s refugees have been told is a lie.

Christopher Mason, a convict who broke out of prison after the Pulse, finds Emily before the soldiers do. Mason’s survived on the streets of New York City this long by looking out only for himself—but there’s something about the beautiful young woman that makes her impossible to leave behind. Now Emily must convince this intimidating, magnetic stranger to be her protector and guide as they journey out of New York and into the unknown. For Mason’s protection, Emily barters the only thing anyone’s valued since the Pulse—her body. But sex with Mason can never be just currency—it’s pure passion, and everything she desires.

Warning this is an adult book with adult themes.  This series is not recommended for anyone under the age of eighteen.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for providing us with an e copy of this book for review!

Lately I've really been branching out my reading habits.  For the past 2 years I have mainly been reading young adult books, with the occasional adult story thrown in there.  But for the past few months I have found myself having an equal balance between young adult books and adult books.  And I must say, I've been having fun dabbling into more of the adult genre!  After all I am an adult, and it's nice to not always have to leave everything to your imagination with fade to black scenes.

The Pulse is a post apocalyptic series set in the future where a electromagnetic pulse wiped out the United States entire electricity.  There is no more internet.  Cellphones are useless.  Pretty much every modern luxury such as heat and lights are all gone.  The power is off.  At the start of the book, it's been just about a year since the pulse, and supplies are running low.  Food is limited and basic survival techniques have kicked in.  In New York City, where the book takes place armies have taken over.  Women sell their bodies for food to greedy soldiers who will do anything to stay in power.

It's always interesting to read a book with a setting you're familiar with.  Even though I am a Jersey girl, I frequent NYC a lot.  So I would perk up when familiar landmarks were mentioned in the novel, such as Grand Central and the New York Public Library.  It's always cool to have an actual visual when reading.  Sometimes my mind just isn't imaginative enough to create my own setting or picture what I assume to be the author's setting.

Emily Rosen is the main character and she's actually really easy to like.  Before the Pulse she was a nurse, and as I was reading I didn't feel like it was just an occupation the author gave her.  Make no mistake Emily is definitely a nurse.  The author clearly did her medical research.  Which is always good, because it's easy to tell when someone is just making things up.  Emily is also a survivor, even though she sells her body for money, she's not a whore.  She is trying to survive in trying times.  I don't know if I could use sex to get food, but I understand the situation she is in.  Plus I've never been in a situation like that before.  Sometimes as readers we are quick to judge, but we never put ourselves in a characters situation.

So when Emily escapes and meets Mason, some reviewers pointed out that she had sex with him really quickly.  But if you lived in her shoes for the past year, you'd realize that this is what she has been trained what men want.  I liked Mason as well.  And I really loved his scenes with Emily.  Especially the more spicier scenes, and there are quite a few to settle your appetite!  Some are more tasteful than others.  But they are still decently written.

This story is pretty simple and made for an easy and fast read.  There were a few parts that made me a little squeamish.  For example the food scenes made me shudder.  Rice with a side of maggots anyone?  Yuck.  But I am guessing that if you are hungry, you'll eat anything.  I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an adult book that is quick and easy.  I must admit though that unless you're in the mood for a book like this, it may seem a bit forgettable.  But I will definitely keep reading this series!

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