Nov 16, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #26

Stacking the Shelves is created & hosted by Tynga's Reviews and is a weekly meme sharing the books you've bought, borrowed or received for review.

I've been a reading machine this month and I don't intend on slowing down any time soon. I got some fantastic review books this installment but I also bought a bunch of really awesome books! Check out what I got!

Clicking the pictures will take you to the books goodreads page!


Thank you to HarperCollins for all these amazing books; I'm especially excited for the Taking and Prisoner of Night and Fog!


Thank you to Bloomsbury for A Breath of Frost. I am a HUGE fan of Alyxandra Harvey so you have no idea how excited I was for this. Thank you Abigail from William Morrow (HarperCollins) for A Little Too Much (it was great). And finally a BIG THANK YOU to Kensington for Secret - I have been WAITING for this book so I can't wait!


So I attended the Fierce Reads tour in NYC on November 6 and I bought these books to get them signed. I, sadly, haven't read them yet but I've heard great things about them. Champion, I want to read so badly but I don't want this series to end (it's one of my faves). And I finally read the Collector recently (I know, I'm a slacker) and I enjoyed it so I went ahead and bought the second book.


A bit of a Jennifer L. Armentrout overload? No such thing, silly! I'm attending her Frigid and Sentinel launch event in Philly today so I was getting ready.


  1. YAY for The Taking and Prisoner! I'm debating on whether or not to download Prisoner, but I did download The Taking last week. Hopefully, it is amazing! Both of them, really. How did you feel about A Little Too Much? Let me know sometime :) And The Liberator as well! I loved that one. I have Siege and Storm but I still have not read it O_O I feel so behind in books that came out earlier this year. Where did the time go?! lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog! And whenever I get around to read A Mad, Wicked Folly, I'll send it over for you to borrow! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. They compared it to Code Name Verity so I figured I'd have to give it a try, since I really enjoyed that and it's companion novel, Rose Under Fire, a lot more. The worst that will happen is I won't like it but I figured I'd give Prisoner a chance. It sounds interesting and it'll be a nice break from my normal reading, you know?

    I will have to email you or message you on twitter or something about A Little Too Much. I enjoyed it, especially Alessandro, but it definitely wasn't nearly as good as A Little Too Far. I could've used another book of Trent and Lexie and would've been happier, lol!

    The Liberator I'll be getting to like the next book or two, I think. November is a pretty free reading month for me so I'm taking advantage of it lol! I never read Leigh Bardugo's first book (I'm drawing a blank on the name, too) but I won that one from Macmillan awhile back and ugh, I need to read them.

    AND thank you. You're awesome (and I'm rambling) lol

  3. Amazing haul! I am so tempted to get prisoner but I have too many recently approved arcs so I need to get through them lol. And I got Secret this week too! Yay! ^_^ I also have Unremembered, but haven't read it yet. I met the author when I went to the occbf (kids book festival) she's super nice!
    Anyway my STS won't be up until tomorrow..
    -Dee @ Dee's Reads

  4. Ahh I'm so jealous you're gonna meet JLA today! Have fun there :D
    I got The Taking as well and can't wait to read it. And I'm so excited to read Champion, but like you I don't want the series to end.
    The Liberator, Siege and Storm, and A Little Too Much are all great. And JLA books are amazing of course ;)
    Awesome haul!

    My IMM

  5. Ahh, so much awesome :D I'm hoping to read The Taking pretty soon. <3 Hoping it will be awesome. Also, Siege and Storm is so good! Hope you will enjoy it all :)

  6. Luna'sLittleLibraryNovember 16, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    We have so many similar choices this week. Where to start... Enjoy all your books.

  7. Ooh you got some great books this week! I got Exile and Prisoner of Night and Fog too. I'm also a huge fan of Alyx Harvey so I can't wait for her new book (and I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous you got it - I was turned down on NetGalley, boo!). I hope you enjoy all your new books! :-)

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer
    My Book Haul

  8. So many fantastic books! I have each of the Harper Collins titles, I'm just waiting for the right time to dive into them. I loved ALTM. I hope you enjoy them all!

    My StS.

  9. I still keep meaning to read Jennifer L. Armentrout but I never manage to find the time. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  10. Oooh fantastic books you've got this week! How pretty is the cover for Prisoner of Night and Fog? Absolutely can't wait to read Champion. Enjoy your reads!

    Here's my STS this week.

  11. Prisoner of Night & Fog, Talker 25 and The taking are also books I snagged from Edelweiss, they sound great huh? :D Happy reading!

  12. I got Champion this week too ! I am so excited to see how the series end. You seriously have a great haul, so many 2014 books I'm excited for in your pile.

  13. AAAH SIEGE AND STORM! I loved that book! If you liked Shadow and Bone, you'll love that one. ^_^. Champion and Unremembered look brilliant as well. Happy reading!

    My STS

  14. I hope you love Unremembered! I quite liked it. I really liked Shadow and Bone as well. I haven’t read Siege and Storm yet, though. I’m super excited for it as people say that one is very good too. I hope you like all your books. There’s a lot of good ones. (:

  15. There is definitely no such thing as too much J.L.Armentrout !! I too love her Lux series am anxious to read 'Wait for you' by her. Unremembered and Siege and Storm look good too !! Such an awesome haul !! Hope u enjoy reading them !!

    Gayatri @ Notorious Writer

  16. I am excited to read my first J.L.A book, haven't read one yet! I am so excited for Champion, but like you, I really don't want it to end! Enjoy your reads. My STS.

  17. Cool haul. Happy reading :)

    My Stack

  18. These look awesome!! I actually just bought Shadow & Bone, super excited to read it.

    Have a great weekend :)

    Check out my haul here!

  19. I just added Prisoner of Night and Fog to my TBR list, it sounds amazing. I hope you enjoy your new titles! My STS


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