Jul 1, 2013

Counterpart by K.J. Hunter-Brown Guest Blog, Giveaway & Tour Schedule

Title – Counterpart
Author – K.J. Hunter-Brown
Series – Succubi & Incubi Assn.
Published – May 21, 2013
Cover Design – Redbird Designs

For twenty year old Maya Simmons, being a succubus wasn't much of a worry. It was when she needed to fulfill the demon inside her that annoyed her. The lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and sex wasn't one she bragged about, especially to the one guy she knew she could never have, Tristan James.

Much of Maya's college life consisted of flirting with Tristan, seeing Tristan, watching Tristan, but never once did she ever attempt to taste the empowering energy that consisted inside him. She wouldn't dare. It almost helped that he had a girlfriend.

But when a threat of Tristan's life comes into play, and a rogue succubus is out to kill, Maya must play detective with her fellow succubus and incubus, Melinda and Daniel, before it's too late. Not only does she need to find out who's killing people, but Maya needs to make sure no one finds out, especially Tristan, and especially the SIA.

Sometimes, secrets become too much to handle. And the one thing Maya always wanted may be within more reach than she thought.

But it could be too late, because the clock's ticking and the heartbeat's slowing.

Guest Blog:

First of all, I would like to thank Ashley for letting me express myself on her blog. Hahha. So I was asked how it felt to have my very first book published. And in honesty, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder, but I will always be anxious now that my ‘baby’ (yes, I call every book my baby. Who doesn’t?) is out in the world.

Am I nervous? Hell yeah. I will always be nervous when it comes to it all. But I can honestly say that I’m happier about my own accomplishment. If you asked me this time last year if I would ever consider self publishing, I would’ve said no. I would’ve walked away and never returned to that conversation again, because back then, I was studying to do other things. I never thought I would be a writer (even though I was writing as a hobby).

Fast forward one year, and look at where I am.

Every time I write a book, it’s for me. Yeah, I’m hoping other people will like my creations, but for me, when I write, it’s my own goal that I work to achieve.

It’s a nerve-wrecking experience, and I know I haven’t fully seen it all. But I for one am just glad to finally show the world what I do and in the future, I hope to be better.

As for future books, I will probably go through the same anxiety, excitement, and nausea all over again. It’s worth it in the end.

I’m proud of my work, and I’m looking forward to what else I can come up with.

About the Author:

No one really knows what they're going to be until they actually experiment different things. I did that, and now I know what I want to be.

I could say something like, "I've been writing since I was some young age" but that would be a lie. I have been reading since I was able to understand the word 'the'. So, it really all started when I read book after book, and then soon enough I had read so much books that even I was starting to get sucked into the fictional life.

On a cloudy day, I decided to write my first novel (I didn't really have anything else to do). The thing here is that I'm known to have a weird imagination, and I guess the first time I got told that, was the day I actually realized that I did. Which led me to putting my weird imagination on paper, turning it into a novel, and loving the fact that I actually did it. And had fun with it.

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Tour Schedule 

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