Jun 22, 2013

I, MINION by Lewis Dix Review

I, MINION by Lewis Dix
(Volume 1 of The Minion Chronicles)
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Publisher: Crash Addict Books; 65 pages

I, MINION is the tale of a skeletal warrior with no name and no future, raised from the dead to serve only one purpose - to fight and die on the front lines of battle. This is all he has known for centuries, but all that's about ot change. For he will come face-to-face with the Dark Lord's greatest enemy, a young witch by the name of Kora.

As the leader of the rebellion, she is the very person he has been sent to kill. And yet, she will awaken feelings in him long dead, setting him on a path that threatens to change the course of the Empire forever. 

I  love stories that are from a different POV. Usually with the stories I read it's usually the young girl POV. This time, it is a guys POV, but not just a guy, an undead, sort of evil, guy. I have to say that alone made me want to read this story, but the synopsis was very interesting and I knew I would be in for a good ride. And right I was!

I really really REALLY enjoyed this novella. Usually with novellas they feel rushed because they are so short and you feel like a lot of information is missing. I didn't feel like this at all with I, MINION. There is so much detail in this story but it isn't rushed or does it feel overwhelming. The detail and story about the minions aka the undead shoulders is very descriptive and you can picture them while you are reading the story. The blood lust they feel was an interesting since they don't have any feelings, but when they are told to kill, it is like a switch for blood lust. Very descriptive without being gory.

I'm quite curious to see with happens in the next book with Kora and Corbin. I loved how their first interaction wasn't an overwhelming oh I love you and I love you blah blah blah. It was a subtle action that made Corbin feel when he looks at her and it is a strange sensation and I love that he doesn't understand why or whats going on but still goes with it. You can feel the posibility of love blooming with these two at the end of the book, and I won't spoil the ending, but what happened gave me chills and I cannot wait for the next book!!!

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