May 2, 2013

Swoon Thursday #12

Time for this week's Swoon Thursday!

This meme is hosted by YA Bound and frankly, it's quite brilliant.

I am currently reading this book, Implosion by Berinn Rae. I love this series and already there has been many steamy scenes. This book has more steamy scenes then most books I have been reading, so there are a lot of juicy scenes to choose from!

He cocked his head slightly. “You didn’t think I’d notice? Tut, tut. I am not Lord
Commander by not being perceptive. Why do you think I have led your interrogation?”His smile then grew intimate, and his wings lowered slightly, as though to cocoon them.

“Because, my dear, forcing you to be near your destined tahren day in and day out is the sweetest torture of all. Tell me, Lea. What does it feel like to yearn for your enemy’s touch, to yearn for the touch of a Draeken?”

Before she could respond, his hard lips pressed against hers. Nalea wanted to shove him away, to slice that throat from where those cruel words came. She wanted to do anything but give in to his commanding touch, but she learned at that moment that it was hard to fight millennia of breeding.

His lips claimed hers as though proving he was the master. They felt as good as she’d imagined. She heard his ragged breathing—or maybe it was hers—and her traitorous lips softened as though to invite him to do so much more. And do more he did. Opening her mouth, she welcomed him, and his tongue plunged into her. His teeth scraped against her lips, and she released a nearly inaudible groan.

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