Apr 4, 2013

Swoon Thursday #9

I hereby bring you a sexy, adult Swoon Thursday - one that is hot, sexy, and between two badass males. Yes, you read that right... so warning for anyone who might be younger - this should be for mature audiences only.

This meme is hosted by YA Bound and frankly, it's quite brilliant.

Now this one comes from my current read. I'm a huge fan girl of these two Brothers, Blay and Qhuinn so since it's what I'm currently reading, I'll give you a little bit. I pick a more tame scene than what I was originally planning on just because this isn't the type of stuff we normally post. ;-) Lover at Last by J.R. Ward.

Qhuinn went over to the door and leaned in, listening for Rhage's voice, closing his eyes, waiting for the hall of statues to be clear.

Jesus, he could be a selfish prick sometimes; he really could-


His body turned on a dime, sure as if Blay's voice was a ripcord that yanked him around. "Yeah?"

The male walked forward. When they were eye-to-eye, Blay said, "I still want to fuck you."

Qhuinn's brows popped so high, they nearly landed on the carpet. And instantly, he went hard.

The only trouble was, Blay didn't seem happy about the reveal. But why would he be? He wasn't the kind of male who could two-time someone easily-althought clearly Saxton's lack of monogamy had cured him of being faithful.

Kind of made Qhuinn want to strangle his cousin again. And the only thing that stopped him from going and finding the slut was that in this case, the situation worked for Qhuinn.

"I want to be with you, too," he said.

"I'll come to your room after dawn."

Qhuinn didn't want to ask. Had to. "What about Saxton?"

"He's gone on a vacation."


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