Apr 9, 2013

My Summer With You by L.J Review

My Summer With You by L.J
(My Summer With You)
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Amazon; 167 pages
New Adult Romance- Attended for mature audiences due to language and sexual content.

Short, sexy New Adult Novella.

Leah Fitzgerald’s summer couldn’t have gone to hell any faster. When she is caught drinking on campus, her mother can’t wait to ship her off to her grandmother’s in Podunk, Texas right before college. Leah is determined to be on her best behavior so she’ll be back in Oregon with Bracey her new ‘fling.’

That is until she meets Levi, her grandparent’s ranch hand and next-door-neighbor. He has a sexy southern drawl and even sexier Texas strut.

When Leah gets caught in Levi’s sight she will have to decide if Levi’s sexy, southern charm is worth the trouble it’ll cause with Bracey or leave not knowing what could have been.

I had the privilege of reviewing A Summer For You by LJ, and I'm glad she asked me. I enjoyed her previous book The One For Me, and I definitely enjoyed this one.
Now, I know LJ is still early in her indie publishing, so I ignored the few grammatical and spelling mistakes and just let the story take over.
A Summer With You is based in Texas, which is very new for me considering I've never really read a book that had cowboy's in it. I've read some where the main protagonist was Southern, but never something that was based in the area.
I have to admit at first I was hesitant about reading something about cowboys, but by the end of the book, I find myself wanting to read more about hot shirtless guys with cowboy hats (something about the image just thrills me).
We meet Leah who is very relatable in some parts. Her attitude is one I would expect of a seventeen year old, so there's nothing wrong there. There were some times however, when some of her actions cause me to go "Wait, what?" but it wasn't a big thing. I moved on from it.
Levi is the main love interest. And, damn, I need more of this guy. He had that bad boy attitude but he still knew what chivalry was (is it me or are these types of males extinct from the world now?). I instantly fell for this guy. I admit.
So the story is based around Leah who is sent to her grandmother's in Texas, after being a rebellion and her mother couldn't handle anymore. After arriving in Texas, we meet the sexy neighbor Levi who helps Leah as she works on the farm.
The story itself isn't a very unique story (girls meets boy, girl falls for boy... etc) but there are very unique parts throughout. Please note, this is a small book (167 pages) and I find LJ's skill at fitting the whole story within those pages admirable.
Overall, this was a quick and satisfying read. Something I'd read on a really hot day. It is classed at New Adult, and has some slightly mature scenes. But I think most people would be intrigued by this book.
I know I'll continue reading books by LJ. I'm kind of secretly hoping we get some more cowboy's.

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