Mar 29, 2013

The Host Movie Review

The Host by Andrew Niccol
Release Date: March, 29, 2013
Studio: Open Road
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 125 mins.

When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about, proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world.

I first read The Host about 2 years ago.  And even though sci fi is not really the genre of books that I read, I really did enjoy this book.  When it was announced that The Host was going to be adapted into a movie I was really excited.  There were many scenes in the book that I visualized and thought would be great to see on film.

The Host is about an alien species known as the Souls invading Earth.  The Souls insert themselves into the human body taking over their mind and body.  Most of Earth has been invaded, but their is a small groups scattered around the Earth that has not been overtaken yet.  The book starts out with a human named Melanie Stryder being taken by the Souls, and the soul Wanderer being inserted in Melanie's body.  But unfortunately for Wanderer, Melanie is resisting her, and Wanderer has Melanie's voice inside of her head.

I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of The Host at the end of February in Philadelphia.  This movie did not disappoint.  I felt that it was very true to the book, and the scenes that they added that were not in the book were necessary for the movie.

I do admit though that when the actors were announced, I didn't really agree with the casting.  Especially Jake Abel as Ian.  But after seeing the film, Jake really did win me over.  My favorite scenes were the scenes between Ian and Wanderer.  I thought the chemistry between Jake and Saoirse Ronan was absolutely amazing.  Saoirse as Melanie and as Wanderer was absolutely phenomenal.  In the book, Melanie is supposed to be a little bit older, but Saoirse really pulled it off.  I can really respect actors who have to play two different characters in one movie.  And Max Irons as Jared really helped my views on Jared.  I really wasn't a big fan of Jared when I read the book, but watching Max on film really helped me sympathize with the character.

There were a few characters from the book that were not included in the film.  I was a little bit bummed that the character Walter was not included.  I understand why because The Host was over 600 pages, and if they kept everything the movie would have been over 3 hours long.  But I felt this character was important, and his relationship with Wanderer was just so moving and touching in the book.  I would have loved to see that on screen.

The visuals in the Host were just breath taking.  In the scene where you see inside the caves for the first time, I was definitely impressed.  I think the director Andrew Niccol did a very good job on this film.  Back in July at San Diego Comic Con, Stephenie Meyer the author of The Host, called Andrew Niccol visionary.  I completely agree with this statement.  He took the heart and soul of The Host and turned it into a beautiful movie.  The Host is in theaters today!  I strongly recommend that you go and see it!


  1. I just got back from the movie. I totally agree. My daughter didn't think so, but what does she know? LOL

    1. The movie has definitely been getting mixed reviews from fans of the book as well as average movie goers. It was definitely a hard book to adapt into a movie. I personally think Andrew Niccol did an amazing job. ~Sana

  2. I wasn't sure I agreed with the casting when I first heard about it either. I'm anxious to see what I think about them. Especially Saoirse as Melanie/Wanda. Knowing you think she did phenomenal eases my fears. That's one of the things And breathtaking visuals? Yay! Excited to see this!

  3. After seeing it yesterday and having a day to sit and reflect I agree with this. I loved the movie and I think the casting of Max really helped the character of Jared because book Jared was pretty horrible in my opinion. I didn't want to like Jared in the movie but I ended up loving him. Once I found out Andrew Niccol was writer and director of the movie I knew The Host was in great hands. He wrote and directed one of my favorite Science Fiction movies, Gattaca. I recommend watching that.


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