Mar 21, 2013

Swoon Thursday #7

Time for Swoon Thursday number 7! Who doesn't love a great kiss mixed with a guy whose man enough to not only cry, but sob. *sigh*

This meme is hosted by YA Bound and frankly, it's quite brilliant.

This one is from the current book I am reading, A Matter of Fate.

"We’re staring at each other now, eyes locked together, and all of those butterflies or dragonflies are insane with need. I’m tingling and nervous and giddy and terrified all at the same time. 
Is he feeling the same things I am? He’s so calm and collected, so outwardly opposite of what’s going on in me. My hands are itching, desperate to touch him,bring him closer. My heart’s racing, chanting words I’m terrified of: kissmekissmekissme
As if he can hear this, Kellan gently takes my face in his hands. Then he leans forward and his lips touch mine, so softly, really, but at the massive jolt it sends into my system, the dragonflies explode into a full-fledged frenzy. 
And then we’re really kissing, and he’s like a drug or fine wine or any of those things that people say make them lightheaded and delirious. My body moves with a mind of its own, close as possible to his, because I want him, need him so much that it’s almost painful. Thunder cracks overhead and the rain falls harder. But I don’t care, because the only thing that matters is this connection between the two of us and the way it makes me feel."

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  1. Great swoon!! Hadn't heard about this book before but now will have to look into it!

    My Swoon

    Eva @ All Books Considered


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