Mar 7, 2013

Swoon Thursday #6

Time for Swoon Thursday number 6! Who doesn't love a great kiss mixed with a guy whose man enough to not only cry, but sob. *sigh*

This meme is hosted by YA Bound and frankly, it's quite brilliant.

This one is from a recent favorite of mine, Stung by Bethany Wiggins.

"Fiona, I . . ." His fingers slide to the nape of my neck. Our noses bump and then his lips touch mine, finishing his sentence better than any words could have. His hands pull me closer and his lips press harder, start moving on top of mine. My mouth moves with his, my breath flows with his, my heart hammers against his. My salty tears make their way onto our tongues and are forgotten.

I push my hands under his backpack and run them over his back, over the unyielding Kevlar vest, up to his shoulders, and slip them beneath his sleeves against his warm skin. He groans, and his hands pull against the small of my back. Beneath his sleeves, I trace his muscles, find the teeth-mark scar and freshly scabbed bullet would, and Bowen pulls his mouth from mine and gasps. He rests his forehead on mine and frame my face with his hands. The smell like metal and soap and shaving cream.

"Fiona, I . . ." The words disappear, their ending unspoken. I find his lips with mine, as if I've known how to kiss my entire life, and his hands tangle in my butchered hair. I taste Bowen and fresh tears, yet I'm no longer crying. I take my hands from his shoulder and press them to his face. Tears are streaming over his cheeks, down to our mouths.

I pull my mouth from his, and he buries his face against my neck, holding me tight. His body shudders against mine, and his tears come faster, soaking my skin. I cradle his head, my hand moving over his hair.

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