Mar 20, 2013

Step Into Fiction's New Look

What do you think? We've gotten a face lift here at Step Into Fiction and I am absolutely excited about it. We've been almost blogging at this location for a year; Ashley & myself have been talking about a new layout since the beginning of the year. It's been a joint effort but I give Ashley most of the credit because she's better with photoshop and coding.

We decided to wait until today, March 20, the first day of spring. Just like flowers start to bloom, give a fresh, new alive look to the environment, we decided to bloom with a new look. Sure, it's a little bit darker than our previous look but I absolutely love it. Plus, it's my birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday than this site getting a new look.

What do you think of the colors? We've changed everything, from our background to our header to our ratings even to our signatures (which I happen to love but I may be biased since I created those lol).

While you're here, don't forget to enter our two contests that are now live! Win an autographed Breaking Dawn poster by the ever popular author Stephenie Meyer and win a box of books (US) or Graveminders by Melissa Marr (INT) in our Clear Your Shelf giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for following and being a fan of our site and thanks even to our new viewers. HAPPY SPRING! May we all enjoy the warmer weather!

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