Mar 30, 2013

Missing by Saga Berg Review

Missing by Saga Berg
(Nordic Fairies, #5)
Release Date: December 20, 2012
Publisher: Saga Berg; 47 pages

In the fifth part of Nordic Fairies, Svala panics over Trym’s disappearance and asks Viggo to help her find him. Meanwhile, her jealousy toward Amanda brings forward an unexpected reaction. Viggo still refuses to tell her what’s going on, and Svala tries to remember exactly what happened during World War II. Could Viggo’s disappearance be connected to Trym’s?

Viggo has his reasons for not telling her, but he’s not sure he trusts them anymore, and his distrust grows stronger with the reappearance of his old tormentor, Loke.

I am always excited when there is a new Nordic Fairies book that comes out. I love that they are novellas because then I know I can read them quickly, but also then I know that next part of the story will be out sooner then most other books. Again, although I like that they are novellas, I really feel that these books could be stretched out more into full size novels.

I surprised myself with this book, because I was not lost at all. With a couple of the past books in his series, I found myself getting confused very easily. This time not at all. I don't know what was different about this one, but I was very pleased I followed every single part. It did jump back and fourth as usual in this series but it flowed so nicely in this book.

I am nervous for Trym. Obviously with the title, Missing, Trym is missing. This is a scary time to Svala and Viggo, and Svala's patience for Viggo's actions is seriously running out, and with Trym MIA, it leads to a lot of drama, and trust issues along with teenage hormones! I love the cliffhanger ending in book #5. Did not see that coming and I am very curios as to how it'll turn out in the next book because I honestly didn't see that happening, so I am very anxious to see what Saga does with this little twist!!

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