Feb 11, 2013

Books of Wonder & Hooray for Books Author Events

So, I was thinking about doing a write up of the Books of Wonder signing featuring Jodi Meadows, Teri Terry, Cynthia Hand, Jocelyn Davies & Brodi Ashton but then I decided, you know what? I’m seeing Jodi twice in one week, why not just do a joint write up of both events? So that’s what I’m doing…

On Saturday, February 2 I went to NYC to the amazing Books of Wonder (which is one of my all time favorite bookstores, especially for signings). It was cold but I was excited. This weekend was going to be a good weekend, I mean, how could it not be, my Ravens were going to be in the Super Bowl the next day. (They won, which made the weekend that much sweeter) I adore Jodi, not just as an author but as a person. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with her and she’s just absolutely entertaining. Her and I have a lot of similar taste in books so obviously, it’s something we talk about a lot. I’m a fan of hers first as that’s how I came to know her. I will never forget one of my first tweets to her while reading Incarnate, about how I wanted to stab a certain character in the eye. I never realized how funny that was until a certain point in the book (and no, it wasn’t THAT character I was talking about). Needless to say, when she told me about this event I told her I was going to be there. Not only for her but I mean, Cynthia Hand and Brodi Ashton, um hello? I love the Unearthly series and really enjoyed Everneath, couldn’t wait for Everbound. It didn’t take much for me to commit, call me a sucker for book events, if you will.

By time this event came around, I had finished Everbound (total Cole diehard now, it’s been settled, especially the ending *insert crazy laugh*), completed the Unearthly series with a little disappointment but overall, happy. Already a fan of Jocelyn Davies, this had actually been my third time meeting her. (My first time was at BEA getting the ARC of A Fractured Light and the second was at NY Comic Con when I got her to sign my A Beautiful Dark ARC) Teri Terry’s debut novel, Slated, I hadn’t gotten a chance to read as it was just released but I had purchased it and do plan on reading it soon, it sounded very interesting indeed! The most entertaining author was Brodi and when meeting and getting books signed, I enjoyed talking to her the most. (She was even kind enough to give me an extra guitar pick necklace to giveaway so be on the lookout for that in the future) She is just full of energy and being in the same room with her; you can’t help but be in a good mood.

Jessica with Brodi Ashton

The turnout was amazing. It seems every book signing I go to, the cover question is always asked. Honestly, it’s a good question but you know if an author isn’t totally happy with their covers, they’d never admit to it. However, all of them seemed really happy with what they got. Hell, I’m really happy with all of their covers. Another common question I heard was about how they came up with the idea. I wish I would’ve taken notes because I know Brodi’s answer was quite interesting but it’s always interesting to hear how each author has their idea come to them in different ways. Some just watch TV, some just might be at a certain place and it comes to them while some just might be sleeping? (Or taking a shower, as the Hooray for Books event informed us)

 If you ever have the chance to meet Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, Jocelyn Davies, Teri Terry or Jodi Meadows, I certainly recommend it! (Especially if you can meet some of these authors as a group)

Now, on Thursday, February 7 I went down to Alexandria, VA at Hooray for Books for another book event of Jodi’s, except this time she was joined by Meagan Spooner (“Skylark”), Megan Shepherd (“The Madman’s Daughter”) and Lenore Appelhans (“Level 2”). When I heard about this event I was all like Yaaaay! The area is cute and the bookstore was cute. But when I saw that Megan Shepherd was going to be there I was like YES, I’M GOING! The Madman’s Daughter is, by far, the best book I’ve read this year. Like there is clearly a mile or more between that and then my next favorite book read this year. Insane.

Jodi Meadows, Meagan Spooner, Megan Shepherd & Lenore Appelhans
 I got there early, chatted with Jodi a little bit and then sat back waiting for the event to begin. I feel like this event was a bit more laid back then the one at Books of Wonder and all the authors looked comfortable with one another and just played so well of each other. Lenore was hilarious. She has magic showers, did you know that? That’s also where she teleports from. We found out her secret. But seriously, a lot of her ideas come to her in her shower. While Meagan Spooners usually come to her while driving. Of course, she pulls over to jot down what ever idea came to her. Safe driving first, y’all.

Jodi, Meagan, Megan & Lenore

One thing that was asked, that I haven’t seen asked before at any other event I’ve attended was how the authors felt to know their books were optioned for film. Jodi didn’t talk much about hers but did say when she talked to a movie producer a few years ago, it was one of the coolest things. Meagan wasn’t allowed to talk about hers but basically said the same thing. (She also said she’s working on two different series, so we could sit here forever guessing which series is in talks for film…) Lenore noted that usually, even if your book is optioned there’s only a 1% chance it will actually go through. But she didn’t care, it’s a better chance than what she had before and just having the idea that it was even being considered is an amazing thing. Megan basically said the same thing plus how she likes to sit there and try to imagine who would play which characters. Of course, I would advise against this…as it usually doesn’t turn out to what you imagined. I opted to give up on having dream casts for films because I was so heartbroken over the casting of Hunger Games, which I was totally already for certain actors in the roles. (Now, after seeing the film, I’m OK with who was cast, but I still would’ve liked a few of mine instead…)
Jodi Meadows, Jessica & Meagan Spooner

Overall, it was a great event and I’m so glad I went. A few authors were in the audience, as well…such as Jessica Spotswood and Ellen Oh, plus some aspiring authors. It’s always awesome to see authors come out & support each other.

Megan Shepherd, Jessica & Lenore Appelhans

Keep an eye out because I have lots of books to give away in the future, such as:

signed Unearthly (paperback) by Cynthia Hand
signed Everneath (paperback) by Brodi Ashton + necklace
signed A Beautiful Dark (paperback) by Jocelyn Davies
signed Incarnate (paperback) by Jodi Meadows
signed Skylark (hardcover) by Meagan Spooner
signed The Madman’s Daughter (hardcover) by Megan Shepherd


  1. I live in the NYC area and really want to go to one of their events!

    1. Books of Wonder is having an event on Friday. The Breathless Reads tour! I will be there. You should go as well. Here's a link!



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