Jan 12, 2013

The One For Me by Layla James Review

The One For Me by Layla James
Release Date: November 30, 2012
Publisher: Layla James; 170 pages
Seventeen-year-old Katy couldn’t find good luck if it were in an open pail. Her parents announce their divorce and her boyfriend, Hayden, of a year breaks up with her for long legged hottie, Holly, all in one week. Katy’s luck might as well be buried with her dignity, when she is partnered up with Avalon High School’s own bad boy Liam Erickson.

Katy follows Liam after he ditches her to go to a party, where she finds Hayden and Holly swapping spit in her face. Furious, Katy kisses Liam to get back at Hayden, leaving her with a re-bound girl and new class hoe reputation.

Determined to save the last bit of her reputation, she proposes Liam a deal, a good reputation with his teachers, if he will ‘pretend’ to be her boyfriend, to stop the rumors. Katy deals with her parents’ divorce, her reputation being ruined and finds herself having more in common with Liam than she ever imagined. By the end, Katy can’t tell who is ‘pretending’ and who isn’t.

So, for me. This book really was something I needed. Lately I had just been going through book after book and not even finishing them. Until this one.

The One For Me was my first read of 2013, and it didn't disappoint.

So, we meet Katy, who is in High School, but we don't meet her on a good week.

First of all, she's not having the best week, due to her boyfriend dumping her for someone, and then we have her parent's divorce.

So, all is not well in the life of Katy.

Then she's forced to partner with Liam, who is the bad boy, and they have to study, sex.

This whole book was short, yet satisfying. I enjoyed being in Katy's head. She did cry a lot though, but I enjoyed the more... memorable times... like when Liam was there.

But not only did she partner up with him... She kissed him, just to make her boyfriend jealous.

AND ALAS, the relationship (fake or not) was born!

Liam has to be another male character that I add to the long list of males that made me want to be there. He was sweet, yet distant. He had a thing about him that made you want to just find out what he's all about.

And the way he liked to turn things around on Katy... Swoon.

But of course, I can't forget the best friend. She was an interesting character to read about, and I loved her appearances.

Okay, I'm done talking about the characters and I how I loved them. Layla, I hear, is a new author and judging by the reviews, she considers her readers thoughts. And, even though I'm not a huge fan of the present tense thing, I will read another one of her books, and hope the wait isn't that long.

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  1. I love relationships that start out for one purpose and end with another! Glad you found a read you could finish.


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