Jan 2, 2013

Bringing YA to YOU

That's right! Beth Revis (Across The Universe), Marie Lu (Legend), Megan Shepherd (The Madman's Daughter), Marissa Meyer (Cinder), & Victoria Schwab (The Near Witch) want to come to YOUR town! Are you serious, you ask? I am. Open to anyone in the US or Canada...get you, your friends, your family, some random people on the street to vote for your town and if they get the most votes, you'll be seeing these amazing authors!

I am from a town called Bel Air...though not in California, but Maryland. I should be sitting here trying to convince y'all to help vote for say...Baltimore, but I'm not. Weird, I know...right? Instead, I'm going to ask you all lovely people out there to vote for New York City, instead. Not only do I know more people in that area that love book signings but it's NYC...it's the city that never sleeps. There are my two favorite bookstores in NYC...Books of Wonder, which is strictly a Children's (including YA) store...and it's the best. Then there's Strand Bookstore which is absolutely amazing. You can find just about any book at a ridiculously cheap price. Seriously. I buy hardcovers for $8-$9 which is just insane.

Hell, while you're in NYC to meet these amazing authors there's plenty to do so you won't just be sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the event to start. There's Times Square, which is best to visit at night because of all the amazing lights; the Empire State building; Statue of Liberty; Central Park (which is awesome and HUGE); World Trade Center Memorial; that's to just list off a few...but there's seriously endless amounts one could do in NYC besides meeting five fantastic authors. Make a day trip out of it. You wouldn't regret it, I promise.

So now that's I've grabbed your attention and you want to help me vote for NEW YORK CITY, let me direct you where and how to do this! Bringing YA to YOU - simply click this link and you know, type in NEW YORK CITY or even NYC if you're lazy :-P - if you really want, put Baltimore, MD down for a secondary city...there's crabs...and they're delicious. Oh, and the city is simply amazing...especially the inner harbor...

As an incentive...if NYC gets picked...I will get a book signed by EACH AUTHOR attending and give them all away in one HUGE giveaway. International, of course...so even if you can't make this amazing signing, if you could vote for NYC...who knows, you might be the one walking away with all these books SIGNED!

Please, enter and spead the word around for NYC! I would hug each and every one of you if I could find out how to do that! But instead...since I can't hug you individually, I hope this would suffice!

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