Nov 1, 2012

Toxic Blog Tour: Interview With Jus Accardo

Toxic by Jus Accardo
(Denazen, #2)
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Teen; 400 pages
When a Six saved Kale's life the night of Sumrun, she warned there would be consequences. A trade-off. Something taken for the life they gained. But Dez never imagined she'd lose the one thing she'd give anything to keep... And as if it's not enough Dez finds her immunity to Kale fading, the Six brought in to help Kale learn to control his killer touch starts drooling on him the moment they meet. Worse than that? Jade can touch Kale. But bimbo Barbie is the least of Dez's problems.

After Dez and Kale got away at Sumrun, her father lost not only his most powerful weapon but an important piece of the Supremacy project. Forced by Denazen to remedy the situation, he poisons Dez and offers her a choice--surrender to Denazen for the cure...or die. Determined to find a solution that doesn't involve being bagged and tagged--or losing someone she loves--Dez keeps the poison a secret. But when a rash of Denazen attacks hit a little too close to home, Dez is convinced there's a traitor among them. Jade.

Sacrifices, broken promises, and secrets. Dez will have to lay it all on the line if there's any hope of proving Jade's guilt before they all end up Residents of Denazen. Or worse, dead...

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JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. At the last minute, she realized her path lay with fiction, not food, and passed on the spot to pursue writing. Jus is the author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald. Her first book, Touch was released in November 2011 from Entangled Publishing. She is currently working on the next book in the Denazen series.

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It is hard writing Kale, seeing as he’s clueless on basically everything that we find to be common sense? 

It’s really not as bad as it seems. It’s more fun than anything else. Getting to explore the world through such a unique point of view is a blast.

You have a love triangle, in a sense, already between Alex, Dez and Kale – what made you want to add a new triangle in to the mix with Dez, Kale and Jade? (Not that I’m complaining, I really enjoyed it) 

To be honest, I never really thought about it as a love triangle. Jade was just another wrench thrown in to shake things up for Dez and Kale (because they didn’t have enough going on, right?).

When writing this series, did you know outline everything ahead of time or did you just let the story take you where it wanted to go? 

It was all a total surprise :P No outline. No plotting. No planning. Everything just unfolded as I went. I’ve tried outlining in the past and it never goes well. My brain just can’t work that way, lol.

Jealousy is something new to Dez, I never would have pegged her as the jealous type. Was that difficult for you to right in Toxic?
Dez is very much a rock. She tries not to let her emotions get away from her—but in the end, she’s still a seventeen year old girl. It wasn’t hard for me to write it in, because it felt real. I don’t care how confidant you are, if someone like Jade walked into your life under those circumstances, and started drooling all over you’re guy, you’d be jealous too. :D

It seemed like there were aspects of Toxic that would’ve been fun to write, like Dez’s hallucinations, do you ever find yourself smiling or laughing as you’re writing? 

Dez’s hallucinations were awesome! There were a few epic ones that didn’t make it into the book. I’m hoping to put them up on the blog in the future. I also loved the interactions between her and Jade.

How much say did you have in the covers of Touch, Untouched and Toxic? Were the final covers the only covers you saw or were there other options? I must say, the cover model for Kale is so perfect – it’s beautiful! 

He’s perfect, right? With Touch, I saw an alternative version of the cover and had a little say. It was nice, but when they showed me the new cover, I pretty much drooled on myself! No complaints from me. In Untouched, they asked me for background ideas. I suggested an amusement park/fair (It’s blurred, but that’s a Ferris Wheel and fair setting behind Kale on the novella cover!) and that’s what they went with. With Toxic, I only saw a mock of up the current—but it rocked, so it didn’t matter any to me. I’m seriously in love with my covers so far!

What’s been the most rewarding thing about being an author? What are some things you look forward to accomplishing or striving toward? 

It’s always a huge reward to wrap up a book. To know that it’s finally ready to be shared with the world. As for accomplishments, I’d love to hit one of the big lists one day, but more than that, I’m striving to continue writing stories that will keep people entertained!

What part of the writing process do you struggle with the most? First drafts, edits, copy edits, etc? 

I think the hardest part for me is the copy edits. By the time I reach that stage, I’ve read the book a million times and I can’t stand it anymore, lol.

Do any characters in these books remind you of yourself or are there parts of yourself mixed in with every character? 

I think there’s a little of me in all of them. I’m so immersed in a book when writing it, that I think little bits and pieces bleed onto the page.

What or who inspired this story? I always find it interesting to find out how an author came up with a story idea. 

Sadly there’s no epic story behind this. It all grew from a random idea while I was waiting in line for coffee. I sat down with a single scene in my head, and the world of the Sixes grew from there.

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