Nov 14, 2012

Gratitude Giveaway Hop

I do believe a year ago, this might have been our first giveaway hop we ever signed up for. Back then, we were just about getting started and we were extremely thankful for those who started following us. A little over a year later, we are extremely thankful to those who stayed with us during our move and we are thankful to still be around, blogging about books we've read. What better way to show authors we are thankful for them than sit here & give away some of their amazing books. To you amazing, fellow readers.

You ready to see what books we're giving away this time around?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pretty awesome, right? Even with the holidays around the corner, we can't not have this giveaway be international. How could we sit here and be thankful only to those who read our reviews from within the US & Canada? We can't! We're thankful for everyone, everywhere - so this contest IS international.


  1. Since i have divergent i would like to enter to win the clockwork angel only ( if it's possible^^)

    thank you so so much for making this international!

  2. Thanks for making it international, I really appreciate that! ;)


  3. thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  4. What an awesome prize! Thank you so much for your generosity and for hosting this fabulous giveaway!! :D (Angie Edwards)

  5. Thanks for the easy entry and for making the giveaway international :)

    tania_kwong at msn dot com

  6. Awesome!! Thank u for this giveaway.

  7. Wow, great prizes! Thanks for the chance and Happy Thanksgiving!


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