Nov 26, 2012

Deviants by Maureen McGowan Review + Giveaway

Deviants by Maureen McGowan
(Dust Chronicles, #1)
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing; 319 pages
In a post-apocalyptic world, where the earth is buried by asteroid dust that’s mutated the DNA of some humans, orphaned, sixteen-year-old Glory must protect her younger brother and escape the domed city that’s been her entire world.

Outside in the ruins, they’re pursued by the authorities and by sadistic, scab-covered Shredders who are addicted to the lethal-to-humans dust now covering the planet. Glory’s quests to transport herself and her brother to safety make up the thrilling and fascinating first volume of The Dust Chronicles.

This book really surprised me. I was expecting to like or rather, I was hoping to like it but I didn't realize I would enjoy it as much as I did. I absolutely fell in to this world and this story. I would like to thank the author, Maureen McGowan and Deborah from Amazon for sending me a copy of this ARC to read & review.

I love post-apocalyptic & dystopian stories as much as I love my paranormal/fantasy novels. This book is as addicting as it is intriguing. The characters are awesome, especially Burn, the world is fantastic and horrible at the same time and the possibilities to where this story could take is us endless.

Glory was dealt a crappy hand from a young age. Not only did she find out her father was a Deviant but also that he murdered her mother, knocked her out and paralyzed her younger brother, Drake. To top that off, she finds out that both her brother and herself are also Deviants, which is a big no-no to be inside this domed city. She must do everything she can to control her emotions so she is never found out while also trying to hide her brother away from the government forever.  I admire her strength and her courage. To be that young and to be responsible for so much...I couldn't even imagine.

One of the things I found really interesting in this story, well, one of the small details was the fact that you cannot walk around anywhere with the opposite sex alone without a dating bracelet. You cannot apply for a dating bracelet until you are sixteen years old. Could you imagine having to apply to date someone? Insane. After you reach eighteen you could then apply for marriage and they would run DNA tests to make sure you were compatible for reproducing. I couldn't even imagine going through all that just to date someone, let alone marry them. However, I found it really interesting because it's so different from the way things are in the world we live in now.

Burn, oh I love thee. This guy is huge. I mean, like a beast...and yet, he has sex appeal written all over him. He's got an attitude, he's extremely mysterious and not to mention good looking. Plus, he's out to protect Glory and he works for her father, in a sense. Glory can't trust him because her father is dead and he's a murderer. Yet he keeps coming back to remind her and tell her he's there to protect her and Drake. One thing she's no one.

She trusted her boyfriend and long time crush, Cal and feels like he's betrayed her. Glory's journey takes her outside of her domed city and in to the dust lands where other, scaries enemies lay, waiting...

This book is packed with action, suspense and struggles. Not as much romance as I usually like but I also don't feel like I was missing out too much, either. Adding romance in there would've felt wrong and it was a gradual build up...

I definitely recommend this book to any post-apocalyptic/dysptopian fans - it's right up your alley and like I said, it surprised me. I absolutely loved it! I think you could, too!

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  1. The Iron King. At firts I wasn't sure about it but I figured I would probably enjoy it since it sounded interesting but I ended up really really liking it and can't wait to read the rest of the series and anything else by Julie Kagawa.

    Deviants sounds like a great read and have already added to my wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I can't remember any, I will only read something if I really am interested in it. Sometimes for me it's the other way around.

  3. hmmmm, I have to say Marked (the eternal guardian series). I am seriously hooked.

  4. I would have to say So Close to You. I was hooked.


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