Oct 19, 2012

Earth by Shauna Granger Review/Book Tour & Giveaway

Earth by Shauna Granger
(Elemental, #1)
Release Date:May 1, 2011
Publisher: Shauna Granger; 236 pages

Shayna and her two best friends have the abilities to manipulate and control the four elements, earth, air, water and fire. While learning to hone their growing powers, they discover a new and malicious presence in their sleepy beach town. Someone is performing blood magic and threatens to expose their small magical community. So far only small animals have been slaughtered, but then the nightmares start.

Shayna suffers nightmares of being chased and sacrificed only to wake up bloodied and bruised. She thinks her magical blood is the ultimate target for the final blood rite. When an innocent girl, Tracy, is kidnapped Shayna knows it's only a ploy to draw her out; she can't let someone die because of her.

I will be honest, I was intrigued when I first heard about this book, but I wasn't crazy super excited to read it. Nothing against the book or anything like that, just wasn't sure if it was going to turn out to be cheesy, like The Craft like or not. Thankfully, it wasn't and about 5 pages in I was hooked. That'll teach me to judge before I start reading.

Right away I fell in love with Shayna. I loved her attitude and she is a girl I feel that I would be friends with. Her friends Steven and Jodi, crack me up. Let's face it, the gay guy friend is always funny and all girls want to have one. Ironically, I work with a Steven and he totally reminds me of the books Steven, just not Mexican. Anyway, they all three balance each other out very nicely and that works with their elements as well. There is a part where Steven mentions to Shayna that she is special and I didn't really get that meaning towards the end why he thought that, but then i figured it out towards the end and it is a very 'aha' moment.

When we meet the twins (at least I thought they were twins) Ian and Jensen, I knew something was going to happen with Jensen. I was surprised that the love story angle didn't really affect the main storyline, or that it didn't really take away from the story line. I loved that about this book. Yes it is there, but it doesn't become the main focus and take away from the story at hand. With every chapter this book got darker and darker. Not that it is super creepy or anything, but things escalate at a nice pace and it keeps you reading. The ending kind of disappointed me only with the fact that I felt like it was abrupt, but that just makes me more excited to continue with this story and I'm very excited to start Air. Pick up this book, you won't be disappointed!

It was a rough start to the school year for Shayna and her friends, Jodi and Steven, but thankfully summer break is near. Trying to sort out her feelings for the new guy in town, Shayna agrees to let Jensen join her on a group date with her friends. While out they end up at a local coffee house where their classmate, social outcast Jeremy McCormick, is humiliated by his baseball star brother. When Jeremy runs away from the jeering crowd, Shayna and Jodi hear the unmistakable sound of a thousand wings chasing after him, but no one else seems to hear them. These are not like any air elementals that Shayna or Jodi have ever encountered before and they fear Jeremy has gotten himself tangled up in something too dangerous for him to handle. But when Shayna tries to help Jeremy control his magical abilities she realizes it might be the biggest mistake of her life.

Shayna's first surfing session of the summer is interrupted by the screams of a mother who has lost her little boy in the water. Without regard to her own safety, Shayna swims out, rescues the boy, but must escape the clutches of something far worse than she could have ever imagined – mermaids.

Compelled to answer the sirens' call, the boys of Shayna's town are drawn to the sea, but when they return are afflicted by an unknown illness, a sickness which is draining them of their life force. Unable to tell anyone about the mermaids, Shayna and her friends are forced to solve the mystery before it's too late, and in doing so, Shayna will finally have to face the full force of her powers. Whether she’s ready or not, she will have to face her true nature.

About the Author
I don't do well talking about myself. So as basics go, I have recently self-published the first two books in my Elemental Series, Earth and Air, Young Adult Urban Fantasy novels. Look for the third installment, Water, coming in 2012!

I have been working on the Elemental Series for the last four years and plan for it to be a 5 book series. It was a hard decision to self-publish but it's been an exciting and terrifying ride.

You can find me on Facebook.

And to my readers (or fans of my covers), I have beautiful bookmarks that I would love to share with you. If you'd like one, drop me a note with your contact info and I'd be happy to send you one!

Grand Prize:
There is a signed copy of each paperback, Earth, Air and Water and a matching bookmark for each. There is a mini Jack-o-lantern (that I carved) and an awesome, sparkly candle (electric) and some fun Halloween treats that include candy, stickers and copy of one of my favorite Halloween movies, Monster House. (US only)

3 other winners will also receive a ebook from the series, winner’s choice from Earth, Air or Water.  (Open Internationally)


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