Oct 1, 2012

Blog Tour: Metamorphosis by Devon Ashley Review

Metamorphosis by Devon Ashley
(The Immortal Archives, #2)
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Publisher: Devon Ashley; 316 pages
Change is not always a good thing...

Some survived the battle – but not without a price. As one heart starts up again, another dies down. The pure vampires learn their immortality isn't as strong as they'd thought – the status of their hearts determines their vulnerability. And when the truth gets out, a betrayal by one of their own will cost more lives.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters as much (even more) than I did throughout the first book. There wasn't as much action as we saw in the first book but that's OK because this didn't need it. This book feature a lot of character growth; especially for Emily. It's what she needs. Especially since she's going through her transformation.

I would like to say that the author, Devon Ashley, is genius. About midway through this book she had me furious. I could not have foreseen a betrayal so horrible and gosh, I went to bed really angry that night. I had to stop there because I didn't want to read more. I think the entire thing will take every reader by surprise. Actually, to be honest, there are a few surprises in this book that I did NOT see coming. I love that about a book.

There are aspects of this book that make me eager yet afraid of what will be coming. Rain's prediction has me crying already because it just can't be true. There are characters that are involved that seem like they want out of this new "family" but you know they'll play a role somewhere down the line and you can't wait to find out what. I hate to use this word but this book seemed like a bit of a filler book, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just worked on setting up the future books and I think it was pretty brilliant. (I will add it was never boring either, so don't think just cause it's a 'filler' book it's automatically boring cause it's not)

I highly recommend checking out Ordained (the first book) and if you enjoyed it as much as I did you should definitely get Metamorphosis. Love the characters like I do; love the relationships like I do...it totally is worth getting to know Emily, Abby, Noel and everyone else ;)


  1. LOL at going to bed angry! Great review! This sounds like a book I'll really enjoy then.

  2. This was a great review and very helpful I look forward to reading this book!


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