Sep 22, 2012

Ceaseless by Abbi Glines Review

Ceaseless by Abbi Glines
(Existence Trilogy, #3)
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Publisher: Abbi Glines; 442kb pages (kindle)

Can he make her fall in love with him… again?

When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion, he was given the gift of getting to keep her.

But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep him.

When a soul is created, so is its mate. In every lifetime those souls find each other. They complete the other’s destiny. It’s time for Pagan’s soul to choose if she truly wants an eternity at Death’s side or if she wants the mate created just for her.

Dank didn’t think he had to worry about her choice. He knew where her heart belonged. Until he realized that every kiss, every touch, every moment of their time together would be washed from her memories. He would have to win her heart all over again and prove to her soul that he was where she belonged.

If only her soul’s mate wasn’t right there standing in his way.

Abbi never ceases to amaze me. Ha, a pun! Anyway, I was so incredibly excited for this book as soon as I finished Predestined and Leif. I was a bit scare at how this one would turn out too because of the premise of this book. I am so in love with whole idea of this series,  and with this last installment of this book, it really shows what Death will do to save the girl that he loves, even though he is Death and has no soul, it is very emotional and real jsut exactly how he feels for Pagan.

Right away when this book starts, you once again learn that the deity's can be very vindictive to someone who breaks the rules. Even though Death (Dank) has proven himself time and time again, and even has Pagan, they still will not let her be completely his. Each soul is created with it's mate, Pagan must decide who she truly wants, the soul created for her, or the man who takes souls. Pagan now has no idea of her past year in high school. She has a clean slate and Death must do what he can to help her remember their love, and compete against her soul's mate.

You could feel Dank's love and heart ache throughout this book as he tries so desperately to get Pagan to remember the love they had. It makes you want Death or someone like him to pin after you so much. The way things worked out in this book was not what the way I thought Abbi would go, and I'm actually very happy about that. I won't go into detail, for it will spoil the book, but she made this story heart breaking and real and amazing all at the same time. I found myself crying a few times, both from sadness and happiness. Let me just say, I fricken love Gee. I need a friend like her. She is such a good person for both Dank and Pagan and she cracks me up!

I fell in love with the series in the first book, became obsessed with the second book and with  the third one, I bow down to Abbi for creating such an amazing love story, that just thinking about it now makes me teary eyed and gives me chills. Abbi you should be so proud of what you created here, thank you so much for bringing Pagan and Dank's world to us. This is my absolute favorite series and I am so glad I got to be apart of this world!!

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