Aug 29, 2012

PAYA Festival Write Up!

I attended the PAYA Festival in West Chester, PA on Saturday, August 25 along with my friends, Sana (fellow reviewer here) and Stacey. We got there late where we missed the first set of authors signing. Thankfully we didn't have anything for those authors to sign (or in my case, I've met them before - well, at least the one whose book I already own). The next set of authors were already signing when we got there and we went straight to the table to see if any books were there. Brigid Kemmerer (author of Storm and Spark) mentioned that Spark would be available for purchase but it turns out, they weren't allowed to sell them. Utterly bummed. Stacey & Sana were bummed all of the Storms were sold out, as well, because they wanted a copy.

For the second group of authors we needed to stop by to see Brigid Kemmerer, Jaclyn Dolamore, Jennifer Hubbard & Jessica Spotswood. We stopped by Brigid first so she can sign a few bookmarks and both of my copies of Storm (one will be used for a future giveaway). She was really nice. I got a picture with her and also asked about a release party for Spark in the Baltimore area. (She announced just last night that there will be something on September 15 so yay!)

Brigid Kemmerer & Jessica
If you haven't read Storm yet, I highly suggest doing so! Next we went to see Jessica Spotswood so Sana could get her copy of Born Wicked signed. Born Wicked was one of my favorite books I've read this year, absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I've met her already so I didn't have anything for her to sign (except a bookmark) but she's so adorable I wanted to go over and say hello. Sana got her book signed and also got a picture with Jessica!

Jessica Spotswood & Sana

Last I hit up Jaclyn and Jennifer at the same time since they were seated next to each other. Sadly, I haven't read either of their books yet but I had them because they're ones I want to read. I'm sure all you other bloggers and avid readers know how it is. To have so many books and never enough time to get to read them fast enough.

After meeting these wonderful women, we decided to go to a nearby bookstore to see if they had any copies of Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series. Unfortunately, they were out as well so Stacey wasn't able to get any of her books. We did, however, go over and talk to her for a good ten minutes. I feel really bad because I hadn't realized there were people behind us in her line, if I would've known that I wouldn't have stood around talking for such a long time. Sana and I didn't get any picture with her this time because we do have two already but it's always fun getting to see her and chat! Stacey, however, did get a photo!

Jeri Smith-Ready & Stacey O'Neale
Now we come around to the last set of authors signing and we were all so pleasantly surprised to see just how big of a line Jennifer L. Armentrout had. We had no doubt she'd have a good amount of people there to see her but seeing as the house before, there weren't that many people there, it was really awesome. I had so many books for her to sign, I'm glad I waited toward the end of her line. (I think I had something like 8 books?) But she is super cool and I want to thank her for the lovely poster. I got a Shadows poster, which she signed, and I just love it! Since Shadows isn't an actual book (it's a real book but only available as an eBook) it's awesome to have this. (Especially since I loved Shadows oh so much!) I also had two copies of Wendy Higgins book, Sweet Evil, for her to sign. (I've got an extra to giveaway at some point of both Obsidian and Sweet Evil!) Obsidian wasn't available so Sana ended up getting Onyx since Stacey and I have raved so much about this series. (You put us together and seriously, all we talk about is books and football lol) Plus, the entire day Stacey kept calling me Jen...she said I was confusing her because both myself and Jennifer were in the same place and she couldn't keep us straight. However, I'm used to it since that's my sisters name lol!

Shadows poster signed by Jennifer!

Jessica & Wendy Higgins (it's blurry, I blame Stacey - she's fired as photographer!)
Jessica & Jennifer L. Armentrout
Jennifer L. Armentrout & Sana

Overall, today was a really fun day! We didn't get home until nearly 9PM which was a lot later than any of us were expecting. But I'm so glad I went and so glad I went with both Sana and Stacey! Book events are the absolute best. Authors are amazing and the friends who go with me are just the best!

Stacey, Jessica & Sana

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  1. It was so nice to meet you! And it's still a pretty decent pic of us despite the blurriness, LOL. :)


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