Aug 14, 2012

Defy by Raine Thomas Review

Defy by Raine Thomas
(Firstborn, #1)
Release Date: April 30, 2012
Publisher: Lambe Books; 285 pages

Seventeen-year-old Tate is about to make her parents’ dreams come true. Unfortunately for her, their dreams foretell her death.

Eager to explore more of the Estilorian plane and prove her abilities, Tate goes against her parents’ wishes and leaves the area of protection surrounding her home. Her choice puts her on a deadly path…one that leaves her alone, severely injured and battling for her life.

Her possible savior arrives in the form of Zachariah, a male who has removed himself from Estilorian society for more than fifty years. Fighting an unexpected connection to Tate, he must decide whether saving her life is worth destroying his.

As Tate struggles to find a way home, she ends up drawn into a dark Mercesti plot involving multiple murders and a powerful ancient artifact. With the unpredictable Zachariah as her only source for aid, she’ll soon find out if her abilities are strong enough to help her defy her Fate.

When I started this book, there was a glossary at the beginning since this is a take off on the Daughters of the Saraqael series, so I was worried that I might be lost. The glossary is very handy if you haven't read The Daughters of the Saraqaul series, but it in no way takes away from the story. It helps a lot!! It isn't something that you have to have to understand, but I liked it a lot. With that said, OH MY GOD! I completely, totally and utterly LOVED this book! I have chills just thinking about the story as I write my review. The emotion and passion that Raine has poured into this book is so real, you cannot stop reading!!

The one thing that I really love about this book is the writing style. I like how the point of view changes. It isn't like one chapter is so and so's POV and the next chapter is another character's POV, it is inter changing within the chapters and it tells the story from all different POV's it simply blends the story so well, and you see the entire picture. It really makes you feel like you are there within the story. Made the Estilorian world very real.

At first to me, Tate seemed to act like a spoiled girl, especially when she runs off, but she quickly leanrs why her parents were so strict about keeping her at home until she was of age, and she quickly loses the spoil girl attitude I felt when we first met her. I didn't dislike her at all in the beginning just the attitude, but that's what makes her a great character. You meet so many different characters in this book, that is if you haven't read the other series, it was a bit hard to remember who was who, but with the glossary and the story it didn'tmake you not want to stop reading.

The journey that Tate and her family goes through in Defy is a roller coaster ride and you will enjoy every twist and turn. I know I surely did. I felt the sadness, the fear and I laughed and cried, especially at the very happy moments, which I will not spoil for you, but I'm sure Raine knows which moments I speak of. This is a total MUST READ!!

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