Aug 19, 2012

Catching Suki by Sarah Alderson

Catching Suki by Sarah Alderson
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster; 20 pages
The Unit are closing in and Demos needs one of his team to go deep cover. Enter Suki. Fashion obsessed, boy-crazy and more than a little kooky, Suki is a mind reader with a special talent for buying shoes and for listening in on private conversations. Tasked with infiltrating the enemy (namely Jack and Alex) Suki rises to the challenge, leaving a trail of chaos, destruction (and a large room service bill) in her wake. A prequel to the events of Hunting Lila and including many of the characters from the book, this short story told through Suki’s eyes, will have you laughing out loud and gripping the edge of your seat.

So, as you all know, I'm in love with Jack, Suki and Nate. So it was a total blast to read this little novella, 'cause surprise, surprise, it has all three of them.

So this is based before Hunting Lila and we get insight of Suki's character. If it was possible to love Suki any more, I have. I just love being in her head. We also got to see more of the other psys too, and their relationships among one another.

There isn't much I could say about this because it's only 20 pages long, but Suki is just so cunning. Sarah just always makes these characters so much better every time I read the books.

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