Apr 18, 2012

Author Event: Spring Into the Future (NYC)

Jessica attended the Washington DC tour stop, and I (Sana) was lucky enough to attend the New York City tour stop on April 15th. The authors in attendance were Tahereh Mafi, Lauren Oliver, Anna Carey, and Veronica Rossi. I've always enjoyed book signings. Authors can be some of the most vibrant people you can meet. And it's always nice to put a face behind the book series that you love and enjoy.

The New York City stop was at the lovely book store Books of Wonder. I've had the pleasure of attending previous book signings at Books of Wonder. I have always had an enjoyable experience. The employees at the store allow for personalization of books and allow you plenty of time with the authors. At other chain book stores, you can usually be rushed and sometimes not even say more than 2 words to the author. Or your book is pushed in front of the author before you are actually near the author to keep the line moving, and you don't even get the chance to say anything to the author. That's never the case at Books of Wonder. Everyone is given a plethora of time with the authors, and you are even allowed to take pictures with the authors.

I was really excited to meet Tahereh Mafi. I had just finished reading Shatter Me a few days prior. I was pretty much hooked on Shatter Me within the first couple of chapters. Words can't express how much I loved this book. I just started reading Lauren Oliver's Delirium series. So I was excited to meet her as well. I loved seeing all four authors interacting with one another and talking about their books. Anna Carey read a scene from Eve that really intrigued me. And the world in which Veronica Rossi created in Under the Never Sky definitely has caused me to have extreme interest in her series.

Stay tuend for my review on Delirium (Lauren Oliver) and Pandemonium (Lauren Oliver).

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  1. I was at the D.C event. I can't believe Oliver was at the NYC one ! Indie bookstores are great, I'm glad you had a good time ! Eve is really interesting and Anna Carey is hilarious !!


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