Apr 17, 2012

Author Event: Spring Into The Future (DC)

On Saturday, April 14, I got to meet the incredible Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me), Anna Carey (Eve) and Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky) at their Spring Into the Future event in Alexandria, VA (DC). This is the first book signing I've gone to by myself but I didn't really care because I really wanted to meet these wonderful authors and I definitely had an amazing time.

This was the longest Question & Answer I've ever seen any group of authors do, which was amazing. It was probably one of the most informitive ones I've been to, as well. They went in to a lot of detail about the publishing business, what stages are needed to get deals with the big six and about never, ever giving up no matter how many rejections you get. Like Tahereh said, she believes there are so many talented people who never get published because they gave up on their dreams before it could come true. So don't give up. The best form of advice I heard all night was from Anna Carey about when struggling to write words or if you think what you're writing is rubbish. "You can't edit a blank page" Seriously, it's simple but simply the best advice you can give someone. How you can improve something if you've got nothing to go off of? No matter how bad you think something might be, it's better than nothing. Write it down and then go from there.

You know when you go to group author signings, sometimes there's one author who you know more people are there to see than the others? Well, I have to say I think it was pretty even across the board for this signing. A lot of people had Shatter Me, Eve and Under the Never Sky. I saw one other girl with an ARC of Once (the second book in Anna Carey's Eve Trilogy) which made me happy. I would have brought my arc but Anna sent it to me already autographed! (I already preordered Once so that is telling you how good I think it is...)

For those who are fans of Tahereh Mafi, she promises much more of Warner in Unravel Me (out early 2013), which makes me excited. Though I adore Adam I have a weakness for Warner and want to learn more about him. We'll also see much more of Kenji, and she warns he's very inappropriate which it right up my alley ;) Fans of Veronica Rossi, as Under the Never Sky was more of Aria's struggles, in Through the Ever Night (out early 2013) will be more about Perry's struggle, so that will definitely be interesting to see! Finally, for all you Anna Carey fans, she promises at least one major twist in the third and final book (currently untitled). A warning, from a fan whose already read Once, be prepared for the cliff hanging ending. ;)

Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me), Jessica, Anna Carey (Eve, Once) & Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky)
Check out my reviews on Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi), Under the Never Sky (Veronica Rossi), Eve (Anna Carey) & Once (Anna Carey).


  1. Hey neighbor! I was planning to go to this event too, but got turned around on King street and then stuck in the 25 mph traffic when I finally started heading in the right direction. It sounds like it was a great Q&A. I'm so bummed that I missed it. It's great to see another DC-area blogger around though! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hey Catie! Argh, no! Silly traffic. I got there at 1 just in case I ran in to traffic. Turns out, I was super early. :P I just sat in my car and read until around 3:15. Did you at least make it for the signing or no? Maybe we'll meet up at another signing! I go to a lot of them in the area! :)


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