Feb 3, 2012


Spread Love, Not Hate

Unfortunately everyone has had instances in their lives in which they were bullied. It can come from classmates, coworkers, friends, and even family. Bullying doesn't feel good, and it's just downright harmful. Technology in this day and age has caused bullying to go out of control. The internet has made bullying easier for bullies because you don't have to be face to face with the victim. It's saddening how many suicides have occurred in recent years due to cyber bullying.

For me personally my most painful bullying experiences didn't come from classmates, it came from my own family. Ever since I was younger I've always been a chubby kid. I spent the majority of my time around my cousins and I was constantly ridiculed and made fun of because of my weight. It was difficult because I knew my family loved me, but they picked on me at the same time. It caused me to have a very confusing childhood. I thought that everyone's families were like that loving one minute and picking on me the next.

As I got older I was able to put up a block and started distancing myself from them. I stopped going to family functions. I became involved in school activities. I made friends. I later found out that the reason why my cousins picked on me was because of jealousy. I had a close relationship with my grandmother. I was quiet and rarely got in trouble. The majority of them were constantly getting into trouble and were disciplined frequently. My weight was an easy scape goat, and my reactions (usually I would cry to my grandmother that so and so was picking on me) gave them entertainment.

I'm so happy that today I am happy with my life. Music and reading have definitely been factors in helping me deal with difficult situations. It seems cliche to say this, but it does get easier. I wish I could tell anyone who is being bullied that things will get better. Talking about it helps. Find a close friend or an adult to talk to, and don't bottle things up inside. Believe it or not you are not alone. There is help.

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  1. I used books as an escape a lot when I was a kid. There are definitely worse ways to cope, I suppose. :) Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your story. You are right, it makes such a difference when people know they are not alone. <3


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