Feb 12, 2012

Because of Low Blog Tour - Interview with Cage York

Author Abbi Glines interviews Cage York.

Abbi: How did you and Low become such good friends?
Cage: She was the cute little red head next door who always seemed to be left alone. I was just a kid myself but I was bigger than her. She was someone I could protect. I wanted to protect her. Those big round green eyes of hers always looked so scared and lonely. It all started with me being her hero. Then as we grew older she became
my best friend.

Abbi: So, you aren’t a big fan of Marcus... why?
Cage: No one will ever be good enough for Low. And I don’t trust anyone else to keep her safe. She’s had enough abandonment in her life. Marcus Hardy was just another
person who I knew she’d love and he’d end up hurting her. I hate seeing her hurt.

Abbi: On a lighter note what do you do when you aren’t um... well... you know, dating *ahem*?
Cage: *chuckles* Ah, come on and say it, fu---
Abbi: STOP! Teenage girls read this blog. Keep it clean.
Cage: Okay, okay, relax. I’m sure they’ve heard a few four letter words at this point in their life. When I am notdating I spend a good deal of time at baseball practice and at games. Then of course, taking care of Low.

Abbi: What are your future plans?
Cage: You said I had to keep it clean.
Abbi: OH! um... okay well, uh.... next question.

Abbi: What was it about Low that you believe attracted Marcus?
Cage: Are you really going to keep asking me these Marcus questions? I mean come on! You wrote the da... ng story. You know talking about him annoys me.
Abbi: It’s for the readers Cage. Play nice.
Cage: Fine. All males are attracted to Low. She’s unique. She has a subtle beauty. Nothing about her screams “look at me” yet you can’t help but be intrigued by her. I use to think it was that wild copper head of hair but it isn’t. That’s just a bonus.

Abbi: What’s your favorite kind of music?
Cage: Rock, alternative, some country... but only a little.

Abbi: What is your favorite food?
Cage: I’m assuming whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzled over a soft flat tanned stomach isn’t an appropriate answer.
Abbi: Cage...
Cage: You’re really no fun. You know that right?
Abbi: Answer the question.
Cage: hot wings. You happy?

Abbi: What’s the story behind Low and her Jarritos?

Cage: I use to take Low with me when I’d go play ball down at the community park. It wasn’t the safest part of town but it was better than leaving her with her inattentive mother. Anyway, there was a guy there who was older than the rest of us but showed up every week to help us with our swing and batting average. His name was Spiro. He moved back to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico just a few years ago. Until then we’d managed to stay in touch. Anyway, he always brought Low a Jarrito to drink while she watched us play. It became her favorite drink over the years.

Abbi: The one question everyone is curious about... Are you in love with Low?
Cage: I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out.
Abbi: good answer.
Cage: *winks* I’m good at everything.
Abbi: *rolls eyes*

Abbi is supplying each blog on the tour an ebook copy of Because of Low and a signed bookmark to giveaway. To enter all you have to do is comment below. You can get more entries by tweeting about this post and adding a link back. If you tweet about it be sure to add @abbiglines to the post so Abbi can keep up with how many entires you have.

Grand Prize:
1. Signed copy of Breathe by Abbi Glines
2. Signed copy of The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines
3. Signed copy of Existence by Abbi Glines
4. ebook copy of Because of Low
ONE person will win all three copies of Abbi’s other books that are now in print signed by the author along with an ebook copy of Because of Low. To enter for the grand prize be sure to leave a comment at a minimum of five of the blog tour stops.


  1. Cage you are sexy!! Aah I love his responses, lol "I'm good at everything"!!! Awesome Q&A!

  2. I have been wanting to read Breathe! And I really enjoyed The Vincent Boys! Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. I want to know how on earth Cage thought Low would marry him after seeing all of his *ahem* dating...

    Loved "Because of Low." Do we Cage's story next?!

  4. What a fun interview. Love Cage BUT he isn't right for Low. That would be Marcus and we get to hear from him on my blog on Tuesday - Valentines Day!


  5. Loved the interview and Cage.

  6. I read Breathe will most certainly read Because Of Low. Cage,honey darlin,I may be a grandma,but you are a hottie!

  7. Ah,got so excited forgot ta leave my e-mail is it hot in here ya'll? tina_rintn@yahoo.com

  8. oooops

  9. What a great interview! Oh man I have a feeling I will be falling for Cage sometime soon!

  10. Hi Cage, very beautiful interview! Nice to meet you.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. Love Abbi's books!


  12. Great interview, can't wait to read the book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    kpg813 at gmail dot com

  13. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love Abbi's books!! :)

  14. Dyin to read this book!! Can't wait for Tuesday!! Would love to win a copy!!


  15. Read it!! Loved it!!! Can not get enough.. I love
    Cage!! And after reading that interview makes me
    Want to read a whole book on him!!!!

  16. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I so have all these books on my TBR list!!

  17. I am a HUGE fan of Abbi Glines! I just finished The Vincent Boys and let me tell you, Beau Vincent has been placed on my much coveted Book Boyfriend List!

    The first book I read was Breathe and fell in love with Abbi's writing style immediately. You get sucked in and so invested in the characters really quickly. In Breathe Sadie is such a strong character who is used to taking care of others. And as much as I adored Jax Stone, I ask you how you couldn't fall head over heels for Marcus as well? I simply CAN NOT wait to read Because of Low. This is a great give away and would love the opportunity to win. :-)

    Adrena Lambert

  18. Oh he does sound like a dangerous player, but redeemable with his feeling of responsibility toward his friend. I enjoyed the character interview. Thanks!


  19. I forgot to leave my e-mail: samantha_7030@hotmail.co.uk


  20. Oh, damn. This Cage guy sounds hot. Scrap that he IS hot. I want to read Because of Low....right now! Need to get Breathe first! I don't want to ruin the reading experience of Abbi Glines' books!

  21. Loved this! Marcus obviously has some serious competition for Low!

    Patricia Riley
    PatriciaERiley (at) gmail

  22. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!!

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  24. Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway!


  25. OH Cage is such a bad boy:)) I love character interviews because they really bring characters to life, you get a sense of who they are.

    I loved Cage's attitude!

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  26. I tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/christinafiorio/status/171012342585376769

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com


  27. I loved this interview and picture of Cage! Naughty!! I can't wait til we get a Cage book. I would love to win the signed books! :)

  28. This book sounds like a great read for me. I hope I win this awesome giveaway if not I might go snag these myself :)

  29. This seems like such a cute book!

    Catchingashootingstar at hotmail dot ca

  30. I LOVE Jarritos! I drink em all the time in the summer :)
    Oh yeah this is #5 towards the grand prize :)
    Iam a new follower to ur blog, i really like it.

  31. Cage makes me laugh and i think he is just so sweet
    and caring and supportive of Low!
    I can't wait to read her story! :D


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