Feb 3, 2012

Author Event: Meeting Megan Miranda, Beth Revis & Julie Cross

On Tuesday, January 17 I made the three hour bus trip up to New York City to meet a few amazing authors at Books of Wonder. I was especially excited to meet Megan Miranda who is the amazing author of FRACTURE, which happened to be released the same day as this event (along with Julie Cross' debut novel, TEMPEST).

There were two other authors there, Carrie Ryan & Maureen Lipinski, but I hadn't really heard of them until this event. I would like to check out their books and I hope to get to those soon but I've got such a huge list of books waiting to be read. It was nice listening to them talk about their books and I really do plan to get to them hopefully this year.

I can't remember everyone's answers but I know Beth Revis is funny as hell; I adore her sense of humor and I love how she accidentally slipped about one of her characters but thankfully if you hadn't read the book, you won't know what happens to him in Across the Universe. I'm so glad I got to meet her and I hadn't gotten the chance to finish A Million Suns but thankfully, she didn't really talk much about that. I'm always paranoid about getting spoiled, even if it's a little slip up and I tried really hard to finish but it just didn't happen. (I will say I finished the next day and absolutely loved it and I cannot wait until Shades of Earth) If you have not picked up Across the Universe, you really want to. I really enjoyed it but I really loved A Million Suns. You should also follow her on twitter, she's highly entertaining! And, if she comes to your area for a signing, I recommend getting your behind there! (I'm actually going to another signing of hers on February 16 in Bethesda, MD!)

Julie Cross is really sweet and incredibly shy. Nothing wrong with that, I'm shy (believe it or not). Stick me in front of a crowd and it's horrible. I stutter and I turn the color of a tomato...but she handled the event nicely. I haven't gotten around to reading her book yet, which saddens me because I really want to but gah, my to read pile is massive. It's near the top. I've heard so many good things about this book and it's one I've been wanting to read for awhile so I was excited to get the chance to meet her.

I saved the one author I was really going to this event for for last, Megan Miranda. I got the opportunity to read her book early and let me tell you, I fell in love with it. I even read it three times before it was released. (That's saying something, seeing as I don't have much time to read a book once, let alone multiple times) I adore Megan, she is seriously one of the nicest people ever. (And we have a lot of conversations about football - I like people who can talk football lol) I follow a bunch of authors on twitter and I like talking to them, she's definitely one I enjoy talking to the most. So, if you're not following her on twitter, you really should. (And please, root for the Giants this Sunday for the Super Bowl. Both of us would appreciate it - more so her, though) Megan also has another standalone book coming out next year, and you can bet I'm going to be reading it. I hope you will too, but in the meantime, pick up Fracture! Annnnnnnd if Megan comes to your area for a signing, you should definitely go. I went all the way up to NYC to meet her and it was worth it. Though, we both wish we could've talked more but it was nice to finally meet her! I know she just did her book tour, mostly on the west coast, but let us know if you met her. Also, if you've read the book (or any of these authors books), let us know! We love talking about them. (I'm always up for talking about books, like, all the time)

If you would like to see more of my pictures from the event, please feel free to! Also, check out our reviews of Fracture and Across the Universe!


  1. These are great pictures! Everyone looks so pretty. Julie kind of looks shy, hehe. How does an event like this work? Is there a line to meet each author?

  2. No, actually all five authors are sitting at a table and you just go down the line. If you don't have books of a certain author, you kind of just skip them? I guess you've never gone to like a group book signing before? You're trying to get prepared for February 16th? lol

    It's actually really fun. Though you do kind of feel guilty about skipping authors, you know? But most of the time, I have everyone's book. This is the first book signing where I didn't...so :(

  3. [...] see more pics from this event at FictionalDistraction [...]

  4. No, I haven't! LOL! Just Maggie, Melissa, and Jodi, each by themselves. :) So yeah, I have no idea how to handle a WHOLE group of authors. I'd kinda feel bad skipping them you know? Like heyyyyy....*slide over* AWKWARD! lol

    Well hopefully I will like all of their books and I won't have to have one of those awkward moments. :)

  5. Yeah...thankfully when I was in line they were signing copies of their books for the store so they didn't' even see me. Made me feel less guilty, actually lol


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