Jan 20, 2012

Interview: Josh Hurley

Well, if you're a fan of Julie Kagawa then you have to know who Josh Hurley is. No? Well, let me introduce you. Josh is the voice of Summer's Crossing audiobook. If you've read my reviews to the Iron Fey series, you'll know I spoke highly about him. Personally, I've never owned an audiobook in my life until Julie told me about how I needed to hear this, especially since I'm a Puck girl. (Don't judge me, you Ash fans) She wasn't kidding. He does Puck perfectly, not to mention the other voices he manages. It makes an already highly entertaining story more enjoyable, which I had no idea was possible. (Iron Queen and Summer's Crossing are my absolute favorites of the series)

Now, to tell you the story about how this interview came about, because for awhile, I didn't think we'd get this done. I originally approached Josh right at the beginning of November about doing an interview via email and he agreed. So the hard part was coming up with questions but once we got that settled, I sent them on their merry way. Let's just fast forward to Thanksgiving when I asked him if he'd rather meet up and do a face-to-face video or audio interview, since I was going to be in NYC in the beginning of December, anyway. He agreed to do an audio interview (thankfully, I hate being on camera lol). Come December 9, well - that was an interesting experience. I met Josh, which was fun in itself. It probably took us about ten minutes to find each other...off to a great start, right? Well, while my friends waited to get a spot for Cassandra Clare's book release party, I wander about Union Square with Josh in search of somewhere quiet enough to do this interview. It was raining, which meant we were limited to indoors and it seems everyone decided to go where we went that day because we couldn't find ONE place to do this interview. We spent over two hours together and were unsuccessful in recording. (Though, hanging out with him was an absolute blast)

I was just up there on Tuesday, January 17 and we decided we'll give it another go. Of course, it decided to rain on us again, so that was exciting. But after the book signing I attended we managed to meet up and finally get this interview done. Even if we were standing in a vacated corner of a hotel that will remain a secret ;)

I hope it keeps you all entertained and I apologize for any ramblings or anything. This is my first time attempting something like this...and it was definitely an experience. And the audio might not be 100% but keep in mind, I'm not a professional so we used what we could, did it where we could...but I think it sounds good enough! I hope you enjoy...and remember, purchase this audiobook on Audible! You won't regret it. If you have NOT Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series...then I must ask you this...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Enjoy! And thank you again Josh, for putting up with me and doing this interview with us. I had a blast and I hope you did, as well!


  1. Lol, sushi with Puck? Who'd want to miss that? ^__^ Great interview, both of you. So glad that the universe finally alighned to let you do it.

  2. Thank you! It was a fun challenge...if we didn't manage this time, I didn't know what we were gonna do LOL

  3. By the way, Josh...I will have you know, Joy and I were trying the gunshot noise on the bus ride home. I think we got some strange looks lol ;)

  4. Great interview...and I haven't heard the audio yet, but Josh you sound like the perfect Puck!

    WOW 123 books is amazing.. GO JESS !!


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