Jan 29, 2012

Incarnate Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt!

This week, 45 bloggers are celebrating the release of INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows by participating in a treasure hunt with clues, activities, and lots of prizes including signed books and handknit fingerless mitts. You've reached a CLUE blog, which means somewhere on this page is a clue to finding the hidden page and grand prize entry form on Jodi's website. Follow 26 clues to get there!

For more information on the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt, check out Jodi's post.

We got the opportunity to interview Sam, who is the love interest in INCARNATE. So without further ado, let's swoon welcome him to the site! :)

What was your first reaction/impression to Ana when you rescued her?When I first found Ana, I had no idea who she was. I was worried I'd somehow offended her in a previous life because she seemed incredibly distrustful. When I realized she was the newsoul and began to figure out how Li had been treating her over the last eighteen years, I understood. She'd never been given a reason to trust anyone. That was heartbreaking.

You first love is music, what would you say inspires you to write & perform?Music is who I am; it's in my soul. There's music everywhere, if you learn to listen, and everything is an inspiration.

How are you so accepting of Ana, as the only Newsoul (or nosoul, as she calls herself) when everyone else is so weary of her, including her own mother?I wouldn't say everyone else is against Ana, but those who don't like her certainly seem to be the loudest. I've never been one or gossip or debates; I prefer to form my own opinions.

Everyone has a fear and yours happen to be Dragons, if it weren't Dragons what do you think would terrify you the most?True death. It's bad enough to die when you know you're coming back, but what if you don't? What happens then? The unknown is terrifying.

Is it weird to think in previous lives you were the opposite sex?Not at all. For the people of Heart, the changes in bodies are simply part of our existence. What seems strange to outsiders is normal for us.

My clue for the password is . . .

Fourth word: o
Remember, there are no spaces in this password!

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  1. WOW! I'm totally into Sam now:) And how cute are the knitted people!

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  2. I know. I <3 Sam so much! I want him all for myself. Maybe I'll just change my name to Ana and can pretend he's all mine? ;) lol

  3. There's an idea! LOL! If I were more creative artistically, it would be fun to draw the characters and make like signs out of them to wave around at the signing!

  4. Yeah, same here...or at least us walk in with some butterfly masks or something lol

  5. Those knits Jodi makes, are so cute.
    I'm definitely in love with Sam right now *fan girling*



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