Nov 2, 2011

Author Event: Meeting Becca Fitzpatrick, Author of The Hush, Hush Series

Jessica and I drove to Wellesley, Massachusetts for Becca Fitpatrick's signing for the Silence tour. I live in New Jersey, so Massachusetts is about 4 hours away from me. Jessica lives in Maryland which is a whopping 7 hour drive. Luckily for me, since I do not drive, Jessica was willing to drive us to the signing. We both went back and forth trying to decide what would be the easiest way to get to the signing. After discussion Jessica chose to drive us, instead of taking public transportation. After spending the night in Staten Island, New York, so Jessica wouldn't have to drive overnight to get us to the signing on time we headed to Wellesley.

Now why would we drive that far for a book signing? The Massachusetts stop was the only East Coast stop for the Silence tour, and since Jessica and I had not met Becca before we both wanted to go. Plus we both are huge fans of the Hush, Hush series. Silence had come out about a week and a half before the Wellesley signing so I hadn't finished reading the book yet. Jessica is a super fast reader so of course she already finished the book. Majority of the ride I tried to finish reading the book, and even though it is a very good book (Jessica and I both agree it's the best in the series so far) I couldn't finish it.

We met up with 2 of my friends from New Hampshire, Danielle and Morgan, who came down to the signing. I recently got Danielle into the Hush, Hush series the month before when I went to visit her for my birthday in September. Needless to say she loves them as well. The four of us were the first people to arrive for the signing.

The signing was at the Wellesley Free Library. Now I have to say I have gone to book signings at both libraries and at book stores. I prefer signings at libraries. Libriarians are probably some of the nicest people I have met. You can just read the excitement off of them when discussing books. It's also nice not having to make a purchase to get the author's signature. I always find it annoying at signings at book stores buying a book I already own just to get the author's autograph. Plus the library provided us with food and refreshments at the signing.

Joining Becca Fitzpatrick for some of the Silence tour dates was author Elizabeth Miles. Elizabeth's debut novel is called a Fury, which is the first of a trilogy. Before the signing there was a brief Q&A with both authors. It was interesting to see the differences in the two authors. Elizabeth was a journalist and Becca originally wanted to be a spy. At first when Becca said she wanted to be a spy, I thought she was joking. But it turns out she was serious. She told us how she would constantly apply for jobs for the CIA, but they never responded to any of her applications. For her 24th birthday, Becca's husband enrolled her into a writing class and that's when she started writing Hush, Hush. It took her five years to write Hush, Hush. Now that surprised me. I am not familiar what is the average time it usually takes an author to write a book. Especially when you don't know an others circumstances, such as family obligations, work, school, etc. Five years just made me think, "Wow she was really serious about this book."

Becca and Elizabeth also talked about the editing process of writing a book, choosing or in some cases not choosing the cover of a book, and other book series that they both love reading. One of the things that I thought was most interesting was Becca told us that her editor didn't like her initial story for the second book in the Hush, Hush series, Crescendo, and she had to rewrite the entire story. It makes me want to be able to read that story, and compare the initial draft with the final draft.

After the Q&A, at the signing while I was getting my books signed (I bought all 3 books to be signed because I am greedy) Becca asked me where I was from. I told her I was from New Jersey and she was shocked. I then told her that Jessica is from Maryland and she drove us here. I swear Becca's jaw dropped. After a brief conversation with her, Becca signed our books along with a Silence poster! Becca's assistant even took a photo of us with Becca on her iPhone!

I am glad that Jessica and I decided to go to this signing. We both had a great time, and the long drive was definitely worth it! I hope that we get the chance to meet her again when the next book in the Hush, Hush series comes out.

Don't forget about our amazing contest we're hosting! We graciously had Becca sign a few copies of Hush, Hush while we were up there and we want to give YOU the chance to win an autographed Hush, Hush! This contest is international so anyone can enter!

Here is our photo that Becca's assistant, Jenn, took of us! Thank you so much for taking this, Jenn!

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